for High School Credit Academy uses three years of high school French courses. In enhancement, middle college students may take two years of French.

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We market the adhering to Frenchcourses. Each course is 2 semesters. You may additionally select to take only one semester.

High School FrenchIHigh School FrenchIIHigh School French IIICenter School FrenchIMiddle School FrenchII

Meet our French Teacher


Evangeline Prosper, a native French speaker, thrived up in Montgenuine, Canada. She has actually lived in 4 various says, and presently stays in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She has actually been teaching for 16 years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in French,Bachelor of Science in Family Studies, and also Master"s level in Secondary Education with a French focus from Andrews College in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and earned a Master of Special Education degree (Cognitive Impaired and also Learning Disability) from Indiana College in South Bend, Indiana.

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Tuition rates ifyou wish to take just a single course with us (such as French):

$450 tuition for complete credit (2-semester) course$100 enrollment feeOne semester also accessible for $275 plus enrollment fee

For tuition for permanent students, watch our web links at the bottom of the web page for our tuition plans -- Monthly Access Plan or Flat Fee.


You have the right to study French digital at Academy. Many colleges need a student to have had 2 years of a international language in high school prior to being admitted into college. Which international language need to you study? Here"s why you have to think about French.

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As a indigenous English speaker, among the finest reasons to learn French is to assist you understand your very own language. Beginning in 1066, as a result of an invasion from William the Conqueror of Normandy (a component of France), French was used in England also for main purposes and also by the top course. This official consumption of French lasted for about 300 years, and as a result, around 10,000 words that we usage in English come from that period. Even now, English borrows more words from French than any kind of various other language. From the Norman era, many French words relating to politics and federal government gone into English, words such as capitalism, regime, justice, and also embassy. Recent French words that have actually gotten in the English language incorporate garage, brochure, plaque, and also entrepreneur.

In enhancement to discovering the link of the French language to English, you may want to think about discovering French for traveling. France is the #1 tourist location in the world, according to the World Bank (USA is #2). Tright here are 33 countries that have French as at leastern among their official langueras, consisting of Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and also many kind of Afrihave the right to nations that used to be French swarms, such as Madagasauto, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and also Senegal.

French is an main functioning language of a variety of world institutions, such as the United Nations and also Red Cross, and also the only official language of Doctors Without Borders (whose actual name is Médecins Sans Frontiéres).

For enhanced language understanding, for traveling, and also for participating in world organizations, learning French have the right to open up you as much as the people. Choosing to learn French at Academy will help you with this opportunity. In our French courses, you’ll strengthen your vocabulary and also grammar through fun exercises choose puzzles, and also have actually the possibility to exercise your pronunciation either with our native-speaking French teacher and/or by recording yourself straight in the mechanism. Your reading and listening understanding and also vocabulary and grammar will certainly be tested every week. At Academy, you have an excellent possibility for individual attention to help you get a solid structure in French.

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If you would certainly like to learn even more around studying French digital at Academy, or any kind of of our various other foreign language courses (Chinese, Gerguy, Latin or Spanish) or have any kind of various other questions around Academy, fill out the develop to the appropriate and our Enrollment Counselor will call you and also answer your inquiries for you.