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ATTENTION: Qwik Cert Home Study and also Proctoring sessions are a combination of house and also instructor research, designed for people who are re-certifying or have a argued minimum 3 years of administration suffer. Others should consider the Enhanced version which has a 6-8 hour virtual course. Those looking to just take the exam can select from the 2 proctoring alternatives listed below. All sales are final, NO REFUNDS. More info: (888)-510-0404

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Note: All Classes are taught by New York instructors certified for instructing and/ or proctoring by their particular establishments. Each instructor is responsible for the content and methodology provided in their classes.

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NYC Food Protection Certificate

The New York City Department of Health calls for all supervisors in any kind of food company establishment to attain the NYC Food Protection Certificate.

At least one perkid holding a Food Protection Certificate have to remajor on premises in the time of all hours of operation and also supervise food preparation and dealing with to encertain food safety and security. offers the widest selection of training and also certification choices that are approved by the New York City Department of Health. We provide the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Course and also Exam, the Learn2Serve-360 Food Safety Manager Certification Course and Exam, the TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification Course, The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), and also the SafeMark Certification.

Many courses are accessible in English and also Spanish and also some market Chinese, while many type of exams are additionally easily accessible in Japanese, Vietnamese, French Canadian and Portuguese.

Food and Alcohol Safety Classes ( is a department of the Integrated Food Service Consulting Group A nationwide leader in Food Service Consulting, Mystery Shopping (specifically for the food and also beverage industry), and also HACCP Compliance.

Having a Certified Food Protection Manager in your restaurant is crucial for your restaurant’s success. It is not just a requirement by legislation, it’s likewise a special type of “insurance” that will assist you practically guarantee your food won’t cause a significant instance of food poisoning that have the right to expense you hundreds of dollars.

If you have to take the NYC Food Protection Course then your ideal choice is to select is the leading provider of food safety and security manager certification throughout the United States of America, and also we’ve provided top-notch food safety training to foodbusiness market giants such as KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, and also Submethod.

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We here at FNA Safety recognize how necessary it is for you and also your establishment to be certified as food handlers, and also certified food handler supervisors. For that factor New York ServSafe Classes gives the finest preparation for the previously mentioned exams. We are the premier companies of food safety and security training in The Empire State and also we are proud to market options to satisfy any Servsafe training needed. Whether you’re an employee seeking your Food Handler Card, or any kind of procedure seeking a complaint solution for your employees in NY, the National Restaurant Association’s New York ServSafe classes available by FNA safety has actually a product that is best for you. ServSafe Classes are available by us in styles that are tailored to your learning atmosphere.We value your company and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations. We sell the highest quality training endure, we provide:

A high level of food safety and security understanding for you and also the workplacePrepare you well to pass the food safety and security certification exam.

The adhering to choices are why FNA safety is the finest choice:Certified ServSafe ProviderEnglish/Chinese/Spanish Classes offeredClasses in over a dozen states

When you hear the name FNA Safety, the words expert, reputable, and also responsible involved mind. For New York ServSafe Classes we are the #1 agency and will certainly continue to be for years to come. With Classes in over 10 says and classes in English, Chinese, and Spanish the language barrier will certainly no longer proccasion you from being certified. Food Safety is our business, let us teach you.

As leaders in this market, a New York ServSafe course has actually the name FNA Safety Written all over it. We want our customers to recognize we care about doing points right. We hire the a lot of qualified instructors and market classes at the many affordable prices. For that reason is why both our instructors and our clients understand, FNA Safety’s New York ServSafe Classes are the ideal means to go. Remember, at FNA Safety we don’t just give you empty promises, we give you our word.

Understand also the issues that can affect your establishment’s food safety and security through New York ServSafe classes. Find Out the basics of food safety techniques to ensure that foodborne disease are never a result of your food. By taking these New York ServSafe classes, your facility have the right to show your determicountry in giving safe food with the taking care of and also preparation operations you learn.

Get the training you require through New York Servsafe Classes from Food and also Alcohol Safety Classes. These classes provide National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation certified instructors that teach the standards and guidelines of both the FDA and also the NRA.

Required by the majority of restaurants as an easy credential for administration staff, Servsafe Classes teach the latest food code, food safety research study, and also food sanitation training endure in order to defend customer health and wellness, and also keep organization reputation. Each student is taught to develop a culture of security within their facility to much better satisfy customer desires.

FNA Safety’s New York ServSafe Classes briefly explains in this short video the proper method to wash your hands as soon as handling food.