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This is an introductory course in Fluid Mechanics. The topic Fluid Mechanics has a broad scope and is of prime importance in a number of fields of design and science. Present out course emphasizes the fundamental underlying fluid mechanical values and also application of those principles to fix genuine life troubles. Special attention is offered towards deriving all the governing equations founding from the fundamental principle. Tright here is a well balanced coverage of physical principles, mathematical operations in addition to examples and exercise troubles of valuable importance. After completion of the course, the students will have a strong standard expertise of the basic principles of Fluid Mechanics and will certainly have the ability to apply the standard values to analyze fluid mechanical units.INTENDED AUDIENCE : Interested studentsPRE REQUISITES : Basic expertise of MathematicsINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Oil Companies (IOCL, SHELL, BPCL and others), Automobile and Aviation suppliers (GE, AIRBUS, TATA Motors and others)


Week 1: Summary and also Basic PrinciplesWeek 2: Properties of FluidsWeek 3: Properties of Fluids and Fluid StaticsWeek 4: Fluid StaticsWeek 5: Fluid Kinematics (Part I)Week 6: Fluid Kinematics (Part II)Week 7: Dynamics of Inviscid Flows (Part I)Week 8: Dynamics of Inviscid Flows (Part II)Week 9: Integral Forms of Control Volume Conservation Equations (Part I)Week 10: Integral Forms of Control Volume Conservation Equations (Part II)Week 11: Integral Forms of Control Volume Conservation Equations (Part III); Dynamics of Viscous Flows (Part I)Week 12: Dynamics of Viscous Flows (Part II)