Fire Officer 1 Online Course

Fire Officer is a distinctive digital training program that’s been designed to go beyond the basic understanding derived in Fire Officer I certification courses. The curriculum for this course is guided by the 2014 edition of NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, and also takes the possibility to delve right into the subject issue in more depth with guidance from the Explanatory Material had in Appendix A of NFPA 1021. The incumbent firm officer — and the firefighter who aspires to come to be a firm officer—will find this virtual continuing education program to be complicated and also thought-provoking.

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Learners will certainly benefit from a self-paced training atmosphere as well as an easy-to-use interface to make the course circulation smoothly.


Features and also benefits of this Firefighter course include:A basic, user-friendly interface to encertain that students do not waste time learning how to navigate via material.A safe and also self-paced training atmosphere that allows students to learn at their very own pace.FireRescue1 Academy’s course has coverage of the latest advances in:The “Everybody Goes Home” project and also its 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives.The variety of duties that the agency officer plays in a fire department, including: tactical fire officer; supervisor; manager; teacher; risk manager; personnel developer; facility manager; and public fire educator.The firm officer as a tactical leader on the emergency scene working within the framework of an Incident Command System.Organizational Risk Management in the fire company.The National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).Changes in the National Incident Management System and Incident Command also.
Course NameCourse DescriptionLength
FO: The Company type of OfficerThe agency officer in a fire department has actually the everyday obligation for leading, guiding, and also directing fire department sources. Those sources assigned to them make up a vast amount of a fire departments resources as well as operational budacquire dollars. This course is designed to increate and educate the incumbent firm officers as well as those firefighters that aspire to come to be a company officer around the following administration obligations. These encompass just how to come to be a tactical commander, agent of administration, first-line supervisor, personnel developer, facility manager, public fire educator, and threat manager.1h
FO: Firefighter Professional DevelopmentOne of the duties of a firm officer in a fire department is the experienced breakthrough of their firefighters. Successful fire departments have actually a good pipeline of talent that is prepared to assume positions of increasing obligation. In this course, you will learn some of the vital things that you can execute to assist your firefighters prepare for that first promotion. If you are a firefighter whose goal is to be supported, you will uncover the indevelopment in this course to be inhelpful.45m
FO: Preparing for the PromotionGetting a promovement has actually end up being more competitive and challenging in many kind of fire departments. Increasingly, the demands for promotion encompass more than just having firefighter technological expertise. Customer organization, personnel administration, and also the skilled advancement of your fighters are just some of the abilities you will must prepare for. In this course, you will certainly learn just how to prepare for those more challenging needs, and also just how you deserve to make yourself the best candidate for your following promotional chance.45m
FO: Officer CommunicationsSuccessful fire policemans at any kind of rank should be good communicators. This course is designed to enhance your ability to determine the prestige of proper training for your duty as a communicator as a fire officer. In this course, you will certainly learn how the fire officer have the right to much better connect using the composed word. Written words that may be developed by their company, e.g., policies and also procedures and also regulations, or by the fire officer during their duties, e.g., memos, e-mails, and also reports.45m
FO: Managing the Budget Plan and ChangeThis course is designed to provide incumbent fire police officers and firefighters experienced breakthrough in the locations of budgain management and change management. This course will certainly allow you to much better understand also budgain administration and change administration as they relate to your place at the fire company-level in your fire department.45m
FO: Fire Officer Leadership SkillsA effective company office is one who understands and also embraces leading their team to success. That is management. A agency officer must additionally have the ability to regulate the daily workload, assign jobs to their firefighters, fix troubles, and a large selection of things. That is management. This course focuses on the management expertise, skills, and habits essential for success as a agency officer in a fire department leading a crew of firefighters. We will certainly discuss the role that management plays in the success of a company officer. Leadership and also management are 2 very different words in the context of a fire department or any other workplace.45m
FO: Leader, Mentor, and CoachOne of the major roles for any fire officer is the individual and also skilled breakthrough of their straight reports. That is even truer for the firm officer, as the company officer in many fire departments has the many direct affect on many of a department’s personnel: individual firefighters.1h
FO: Personnel Management and also DisciplineThis course is designed to give the fire officer an introduction of the knowledge and indevelopment important to be an effective leader, mentor, and also coach. These terms are not associated. They each have actually unique characteristics, and also each plays a key duty in the individual and also expert development of an officer’s straight reports.

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FO: Incident and Crew ManagementThe contemporary firm officer need to possess a wide array of leadership and also administration skills to properly take treatment of their assigned personnel, apparatus and also facilities. One of the core competencies for a Company Officer is the capability to control tactical operations for their crew and as the initial Incident Commander (IC) on cases. In this course we will certainly talk about the essential duties the company officer has for safely, effectively, and properly regulating the emergency scene and also the responding personnel.1h
FO: Fire Officer SafetyIn this course, you will learn some of the essential security functions that a agency officer should attend to as they control their assigned personnel. We will likewise talk about exactly how by becoming informed and also educated about these safety and security issues can assist the firm officer in occurring a team that have the right to run safely, efficiently, and also effectively in the field. You will certainly learn around the require for transforming the fire business society in respect to enhanced firefighter safety and security and also health. We will likewise talk about just how the agency officer have the right to properly design safety and security habits that administer a positive influence on their firefighters.45m
FO: Labor RelationsKnowing your legal rights as a firefighter offers you with the devices you should efficiently execute your duty as a firefighter via the legal security you require. Understanding the existing legislation will certainly equip you to relate well as an employee and as an employer providing a harmonious, effective work environment.45m
FO: Community OutreachThis course is designed to aid you understand also the prominence of community outreach programs and public relations. Do not confusage those 2 topics via public fire and also life safety education; fire and also life safety education, while a type of community outreach, merits its very own course and you will find that in a later course in this series.45m
FO: Planning and also Code EnforcementThe body of understanding and also skills important for safe, reliable, and efficient firefighting has continued to grow exponentially from the moment as soon as most firefighting responses were for fires in single-family homes of wood-frame building. New construction approaches, building products, and occupancy forms present challenges for firefighters that their precursors of a a century can not have foreseen. In this course, we will talk about what some of those common fire code violations are and also how the agency officer deserve to inform and educate the structure owner or manager to correct those violations in a method that builds trust and expertise.45m
FO: Fire Incident SafetyToo many police officers are not taking benefit of technical enhancements to fire apparatus and also tools and methods. This is why are we still sending firefighters up aerial ladders, and also commonly right into hefty smoke that obscures them from the view of those on the ground – once the ladder has actually a pre-piped, remote-regulated understand stream tool that’s controlled by the operator on the turntable. It’s why we have actually such a difficult time accepting the truth the light-weight structure building is designed to resist gravity, not fire. This course discusses the vital habits that an occurrence commander should employ to ensure safe, effective, and also effective fire suppression operations. The material covers firefighter disorientation in structure fires and why it is considered the the majority of severe threat to a firefighter’s life.45m
FO: Fire Investigation and also DeterminationThis course is designed to aid you understand also the fundamentals of fire examination and your duty as a fire officer in the initial fire examination. Firefighters and also fire officers are the initial fire investigators who are initially on scene and have the right to provide initial observations, evidence defense, and documentation for incoming fire investigators.45m
FO: Organizational Risk ManagementFire and EMS institutions are exposed to a selection of risks as they conduct their organization of offering emergency and also non-emergency services to the public they serve. Company policemans should understand also business dangers and how to effectively manage those threats at the fire company level. This course will certainly reveal you to information regarding the agency officer position as a first-line threat manager whose duty is to safeguard their fire department from organizational dangers.1h
FO: Professional EthicsWhy are values essential in the fire service? Fire business is funded by taxes dollars, in component or totality through federal, state and local grants; and monies donated by the regional neighborhood. We work for the human being. We are rightfully under the watchful eye of the human being we serve. This is a great point. Being a public servant is an honor, one we have to all cherish. In this course, we will comment on the topic of principles in general and also then progress to just how fire officers have to usage ethics as a guide for making excellent decisions for their world and also their organization.45m
FO: Public Education ProgramsThis course is designed to educate and also help the incumbent firm officer and those firefighters who aspire to come to be a company office on the importance of efficient Public Fire Education. This course will display firm police officers the prominence of leading the method by embracing public fire and also life-security education programs to reduce death and also injury from preventable fires.45m
FO: Information ManagementThis course covers the importance of excellent information arsenal for the fire service regarding fire occurrences. It likewise discusses the positive impact that the agency officer can have actually on the accuracy and validity of information gotten in right into NFIRS. The scope of this course is to aid you develop a expertise and expertise of some of the background in the development of fire company data collection. It will also expose you to some of the the majority of current initiatives to enhance the top quality of fire organization information, information that is critical to fire departments and also the fire company in the initiative to mitigate fire-connected deaths, injuries and residential or commercial property losses from preventable fires.45m