Essay About Alexander The Great

Alexander, well known in history as Alexander the Great, was the boy of Philip of Macedon. Macedon or Macedonia was a kingdom, positioned up in the north of Greece. It was a mountainous country.

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The Greeks from their plains looked upon the Macedonians as barbarians. But, like the Greeks, the Macedonians belonged to the Aryan race and related to themselves as Greeks.

They were brave and also sturdy and also operated hard on their rocky soil to live.

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When the Greek city claims on the mainland of Greece were fighting among themselves and heading towards decline, Macedon came to be exceptionally effective under a impressive warrior named Philip. Philip ended up being king in 359 B.C. and also came to be ambitious enough to extfinish his power. The weakness of the city says gave him a golden opportunity. He elevated an effective army famed as the Macedonian Phalanx.

It was a new kind of military pressure. The soldiers in the Phalanx stood shoulder to shoulder prefer solid walls, line after line. Each soldier covered his body by holding a substantial shield in his left hand also. In his best hand, he organized a long spear. As the Phalanx advanced in that shape, their bodies were protected by shields from the opponent arrows, while then- long spears pierced the bodies of the adversaries when they advanced to fight. On either side of the marching Phalanx, tbelow were soldiers on horseearlier to assault the opponent. The Macedonian Phalanx presented an advanced art of warfare in Western army device.

Taking benefit of the weakness of the Greek city says, Philip of Macedon invaded them and ruined their flexibility. Ultimately, he ended up being the supreme understand of the entire Greek people. With boundless ambition, Philip next all set to attack the Persian Realm in the East. As he was around to march on his eastern exploration, he all of a sudden dropped dead in hands of an assassin in the year 336 B.C.

Alexander, the boy of Philip of Macedon, was just 20 years old once his father met his unintended fatality. He was born in 356 B.C. As bold as his father and a lot more ambitious, young Alexander ascended the throne of Macedon and also assured the waiting army that he would soon take up the invasion of the East. His generals and soldiers did not doubt the capability of their young monarch and also his liking for battles.

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Alexander’s mommy Olympias had actually motivated her son from his childhood to become an excellent hero prefer the Greek heroes of the epics of Homer. In his romantic dream, he hoped of becoming a hero favor the mythical Achilles.

When Alexander was only 13, his father appointed the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle as the tutor of the young prince. It was from that great teacher that Alexander acquired the vision of a broader human being, a desire for knowing many topics, and also for finding out new things for sake of knowledge. Temperamentally, Alexander was proud, haughty, cruel revengeful and emotional. At the same time, his education and learning made him enlightened and cultured. He was a curious mixture of negative and also great features, vices and also virtues.

From his early youth, Alexander received a great armed forces training and also proved his genius as a born soldier. When Philip was fighting his well known battle of Chaeronea to conquer Greece, the 18 year old Alexander assisted his father as the commander of the cavalry force and also amazed the army by daring acts of heroism. The Macedonian soldiers considering that then pertained to the young hero as a rare basic and ended up being devoted to him as their future leader. His energy, tact, courage and ability, and also thirst for battles confirmed his worth as a prospective conqueror.

The fatality of king Philip brought to young Alexander his possibility for greatness. His father had actually all set the ground for his increase. He was now the undebated leader of Macedon and Greece and also the supreme commander of the Macedonian army to which were joined the Greek soldiers of the mainland also. With every little thing all set, Alexander looked towards the East to undertake the mission of his father’s hopes.

A few of the Greek city claims felt that the death of king Philip was the finish of Macedonian dominance. They, therefore, rose in revolt to regain self-reliance. But Alexander was as well strong for them. He taught a lesson to the revolting city claims by damaging the city state of Thebes totally. All houses of that place were raged to ground except the house of a poet named Pindar and a couple of areas of worship. As a demonstration of his anger, he slaughtered 6 thousand also human being of thebes. Many kind of others were offered as slaves.

By such extreme cruelty, Alexander silenced the Greek city-claims into entry. They were forced to accept him as their leader and also subscribed soldiers to his army for the invasion of the East. As the leader of the Greek race Alexander at last proceeded towards the East in the year 334 B.C. His brief career as a people conqueror began.