Equation Or List Of Equations Expected Instead Of True In The First Argument

I am trying to numerically resolve a lengthy list of simple differential equations making use of NDSolve as follows:

sols = NDSolve;

wbelow deqs holds the list of differential equations and operons stores the list of attributes.

You watching: Equation or list of equations expected instead of true in the first argument

My error is "NDSolve::deqn: Equation or list of equations intended instead of False in the initially discussion "

and a sample of the string of error code it gives me afterward is:

acs"==-0.04 acs+(0.08Sin<0.01t>^4)/(1+Sin<>>^4), acs<0>==0, adaalkB"==-0.04adaalkB+0.08/(1+adaalkB<>>^2)

wbelow acs and also adaalkb are two of the functions in the differential equation.

I have no concept what the > or the > means, so if anyone can help, that would be appreciated.

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asked May 15 "13 at 21:30

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Based on my own suffer, I guess you have first(or elsewhere in the code) tried these equations with "=" rather of "==" which will certainly collection the variables.Try one of the adhering to, hopetotally it have to work:-renaming all the variables in the NDSolve, to something which has not been used in your notebook prior to.OR-Killing the Kernels:CloseKernels<>;

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answered May 18 "13 at 8:58

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