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The Deepwater Horizon oil spill illustrates the need for cooperation in between corporations and governments to resolve ecological issues and plan. (This image is in the public domain. UNITED STATE Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer third Class Patrick Kelley.)


Dr. Hunt Allcott

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14.42 / 14.420

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Spring 2011



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Spring 2002

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This course explores the proper function of federal government in the regulation of the environment. It will aid students construct the devices to estimate the prices and also benefits of ecological regulations. These devices will certainly be provided to evaluate a collection of current plan inquiries, including: Should air and also water pollution regulations be tightened or loosened? What are the prices of climate adjust in the UNITED STATE and abroad? Is tright here a "https://fairtradeexpo.org/environmental-economics-online-course/imager_2_560_700.jpgRace to the Bottom"https://fairtradeexpo.org/environmental-economics-online-course/imager_2_560_700.jpg in environmental regulation? What is "https://fairtradeexpo.org/environmental-economics-online-course/imager_2_560_700.jpgsustainable development"https://fairtradeexpo.org/environmental-economics-online-course/imager_2_560_700.jpg? How execute eco-friendly problems differ in emerging countries? Are we running out of oil and other herbal resources? Should we be even more power efficient? To obtain real people suffer, the course is scheducaused incorporate a visit to the fairtradeexpo.org cogeneration plant. We will certainly also do an in-class simulation of an air pollution emissions market.

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