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English 102 Syllabus
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Required TextBooth, Alison, et al., eds. The Norton Review to Literature. Shorter 11th Edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company kind of, 2013.Course DescriptionThis section of English 102 is a course devoted to reading, knowledge, interpreting, relooking and also creating around typical develops of literary works, especially fiction and poetry. In other words, tright here are numerous objectives for this course, not the leastern of which is to construct your capacity to analyze and also critically translate literary messages. To that finish, we will be devoting a sizable amount of time to the procedure of literary analysis: translating concepts, interpretations, and reactions right into sound critical disagreements supported by secondary research study. In enhancement, we will certainly be stating literary terminology, the meaning of the conmessage in which works of literary works are created, and numerous various other theoretical techniques for analysis and also creating about literature. Course Requirements and GradingTright here are 100 obtainable points for the course. The breakdvery own of your last grade is as follows:Brief Essay #1: 10Quick Essay #2: 20Research Essay: 50Discussion: 20Explacountry of Course RequirementsBrief Essays: Throughout the semester, you will be required to write 2 (2) brief argumentative esstates. The topic(s) and also guidelines for each of the assigned esclaims are easily accessible from the course schedule and also assignments area of the English 102 webwebsite.

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Page needs for the brief esstates are as follows:Quick Essay #1: 2 pagesQuick Essay #2: 3 pagesResearch Essay: The research paper will be the major project for the course. While we will discuss the specifics of the paper later on in the semester, save in mind that the paper should be eight (8) pperiods in length, should contain a minimum of 6 (6) additional resources, and also need to demonstrate your ability to check out, understand, and critically analyze a literary text.Discussion: In addition to the short essays and the study paper, discussion will play an essential duty in the course (and also in your grade). Due to the fact that this is an online course, and also not a traditional, face-to-challenge course, discussion for the course will take place via a message board system. Your grade for discussion will be determined by the variety of high quality postings you make to the message board, and also your willingness to respond to topic-connected inquiries posed by either your instructor or a fellow classmate. The complying with is a malfunction of the grading mechanism for the conversation percentage of your grade based upon the number of top quality postings made to the message board:A: 16 or even more high quality postingsB: 14 or even more top quality postingsC: 12 or more high quality postingsD: 10 or more top quality postingsF: 09 or much less top quality postingsWhat is a "quality" posting?As you deserve to see, earning an "A" for this portion of your grade simply needs you to make a small even more than two postings per week. At the same time, your grade for conversation hinges on both amount AND top quality. In other words, in order for you to receive crmodify for a details posting, the posting need to satisfy the following criteria:1.) Posting responds straight to the topic, question, or issue2.) Posting demonstrates a crucial expertise of the topic, question, or issue3.) Posting is fairly complimentary of grammar and punctuation errorsFor an example of a "quality posting," please visit the message board, authorize in, and click the folder entitled "Quality Posting."Plagiarism PolicyPlagiarism will not be tolerated. If I suspect that you have plagiarized, I will make a formal complaint to the College, at which suggest governmental action may be taken. You will certainly likewise get zero credit for the assignment in question and an "F" for the whole course.Access and also Discapacity ServicesIn accordance through College policy, if you have actually a documented discapacity and need accommodations to acquire equal accessibility in this course, please notify me at the beginning of the semester or as soon as given an assignment for which an accommodation is forced. Students with disabilities should verify their eligibility with the Access and Disability Services (ADS) office in the Student Advancement Division of Harper College. The telephone number for ADS is 847-925-6266.Click right here for the course schedule and also assignments...