Elvive Dream Lengths Review

L’Oreal Paris recently released the L’Ogenuine Dream Lengths Range via 3 assets namely the Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo, Dream Lengths Detangling Conditioner, and also Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream. This variety is targeted towards those who want to prosper their hair. This whole array looks choose a marketing gimmick, as we all recognize that shampoo have the right to not make your hair thrive. But if you keenly look at the product description, it doesn’t case to make your hair flourish rather it clintends to prevent hair breakage so you can save your hair size that grows naturally. Anymeans, since I was out of my previous shampoo, I bought this brand-new launch just to try it out. This is a really famous shampoo worldwide that goes via the name L’Ogenuine Paris Elvive Dreams Length Shampoo. Read on to recognize my endure with it.

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Product Description:


L’Ogenuine Dream Lengths Shampoo Ingredients:


The Dream Lengths Shampoo is not Sulphate Free and also Silicone Free. It’s Paraben Free though.

L’Oreal Paris Dream Lengths Shampoo Price:192.5ml – 149 INR396ml – 299 INR704ml – 579 INR1000ml – 849 INRL’Oactual Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo Review

Packaging: Well, the shampoo bottle is fairly eye-recording with the shade combination of oarray and also pink. The bottle design is choose any various other shampoo bottle via a flip cap. Pretty fundamental yet serves its purpose with no problems at all. The backside has actually even more details around the product in addition to the full ingredients list.

Color & Texture: It’s a white-colored, smooth gel-based shampoo via a pearly on appearance. It needs simply a coin-sized quantity to create a well-off lather.

Fragrance: The shampoo has actually a sweet fruity fragrance which reminds me of Garnier Shampoo. It’s not as well strong to cause a headache. The fragrance is nice and lingers on the hair for a day article washing.


My Experience:

I have straight fine hair that is mid-earlier length. So I don’t use a conditioner after wash as they make my hair look limp. But I have the halittle of applying a bit of oil throughout the week to tame fizziness. So whenever I shampoo, my hair is mainly oiled but not soaked greatly in oil. A single wash is generally sufficient through drugstore shampoos.

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I have been making use of the Dream Lengths Shampoo for even more than a month. Honestly, I don’t have actually anypoint poor to say about this product yet at the very same time, tbelow isn’t anypoint impressive also. It lathers well, cleans the scalp well, and rinses off quickly. The shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair leading to frizz and tangles, in fact, it does add a bit of volume to my fine hair. I perform think that other hair types choose wavy and also curly hair may have to condition their ends as it’s not as well hydrating as well. For them, the L’Ogenuine Extrasimple Clay Purifying & Hydrating Shampoo would be a better option.

I like the formula of both the shampoos yet this one doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. This shampoo doesn’t impart that false shine and silicone smoothness. If you choose a silky smooth complete, this might not be your option. I like how it leaves my hair clean, well balanced, and controlled. It didn’t cause me more hair fall or dandruff difficulties. As for hair lengthening, if you follow a great diet and also hair treatment regimen, this shampoo should aid you to keep your size.

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Enriched with Vegetal Keratin, Vitamins & Castor Oil.Cleans the scalp and also hair successfully.Is not overly drying.Leaves the hair lengths well balanced.Available in various sizes.


Not Sulphate & Silicone Free.

Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend? It’s a decent drugkeep shampoo that does its occupational. You have the right to offer it a shot when. However before, I would certainly not take into consideration this to be a good product to repurchase or recommfinish.