Elder Scrolls Online How To Learn Crafting Styles

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There are different styles of armor and weapon in ESO. When you begin playing the game you have the right to craft armor and weapon using style of your current race. But if you look into the crafting interchallenge you will certainly view that there are many kind of other crafting formats available. Tright here are 14 various styles in ESO and you recognize just one in the beginning. Others are locked and you can’t usage them until you unlock them.

Before going deeper I would certainly prefer to tell some information about function of formats. Some human being may think that the exact same piece of armor crafted in various styles has actually various qualities. That’s wrong. Crafting style affects the appearance of the piece of gear you craft. And that’s all! It’s simply a style and also it doesn’t impact any type of combat features of an item you craft.

How to Unlock Styles?

Right currently tright here is only one method to unlock new style: you must discover a distinct book dubbed “Racial Motif”. Each style has its very own book and also as soon as it is used it disshows up from your inventory and also a new style is unlocked.


Tbelow are 2 kinds of Racial Motifs: basic and rare.

Simple motifs are the formats of all playable races: Altmer, Bosmer, Khajiit, Orcs, Breloads, Redguards, Dunmer, Nords, Argonians and also Imperials. Rare Motifs: Daedric, Ancient Elves, Barbaric, Primal. These formats are the the majority of asked around and also the many expensive.

NOTE: You unlock style for all professions with one book. For example if you unlock Daedric Style you will certainly have the ability to craft all kinds of Daedric armor and weapon.

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Rare motifs: Daedric, Old Elves, Barbaric, Primal, have actually special profession demands. You need to invest a number of skill points in either Tailoring, Woodworking or Metalworking in order to have the ability to learn rare crafting styles:

Primal - 6 or more pointsBarbaric - 7 or more pointsAncient Elves – 8 or more pointsDaedric – 9 points

Wbelow to find?

In basic, all Racial Motif books can be uncovered in nightstands, cupboards, dressers, desks and trunks or purchased from various other players. You can’t find motifs in crates and barrels. Sometimes you deserve to watch that various other players tell that they found motifs in cprices and barrels, but that’s not correct.



Tbelow is also one thing you need to know: different types of motifs deserve to be discovered in various locations. Simple Motifs have the right to be found in any kind of location from 1st to 50th level. Rare Motifs have the right to be discovered in Veteran level locations just.

Barbaric and also Primal in VR1 – VR5 areas. Daedric and also Ancient Elves in VR6 – VR10 locations.

Let me define this: if you are in Ebonheart Pact you should finish general quest chain of your alliance and also you will certainly be sent out to Dagerautumn Commitment which will certainly be VR1 – VR5 location for you. After this you will certainly be sent out to Aldmeri Dominion which will certainly be VR6 – VR10 for you.

If you start in Dagerfall Commitment your VR1 – VR5 location will be Aldmeri Dominion, and also VR6 – VR10 location will certainly be Ebonheart Pact.

If you begin in Aldmeri Dominion your VR1 – VR5 area will certainly be Ebonheart Pact, and VR6 – VR10 area will be Dagerautumn Commitment.

Daedric, Ancient Elves, Barbaric, Primal motifs are super difficult to find. The drop rate is exceptionally small and you will certainly need to search a lot in order to succeed. But anymeans it’s possible to find them all; you just must be in the ideal areas.

There is one trick that might aid you to discover Racial Motifs faster. All you need is to discover a place wright here nightstands, cupboards, dressers, desks or trunks are standing close to each various other. You must loot all the items from them and also relog (log out and also enter again). Magic will happen: they are full and also you have the right to loot them once even more. Repeat this until you find what you require.


If you have found a motif and don’t desire to usage it for your personalities, you have the right to always market it. Style Books are challenging to find and it will be basic to sell them to various other players if you set a fair price. Here is average pricing:

Primal – around 15 000 goldBarbaric - about 20 000 goldOld Elves - around 20 000 goldDaedric – about 30 000 gold

Keep in mind, that pricing might differ a lot. First Daedric Motifs I experienced after the launch were marketed for 50 000 gold or more. Now the price is much reduced. But anymethod marketing style books may carry you the majority of gold.

Hope this overview will help you to find and also unlock the style you wish. Feel cost-free to leave your comments listed below.