Dynamics Online Course Summer 2017

Course Description:Forces and also force systems and their outside effect on bodies, principally the problem of equilibrium. The methods of vector math are employed, and also the rigor of physical analysis is emphasized.2.000 Credit hours 2.000 Lecture hours

Prerequisite: ENGR 1090/ENGR 1410 (fairtradeexpo.org students only), Calculus III and CE 2010 (Statics)

This 5-week course entails the exact same rigor, content and workpack of a 15-week Dynamics course. Since this course will move three times quicker than usual, students must anticipate spfinishing a minimum of 24 hours/week on this course. In order to be in the best feasible place to succeed, it is not recommfinished that students carry out even more than among the following while being enrolled in this course: have a part-time task, enroll in more than 3 various other academic credits throughout the very same 5 week term, go on a household vacation, or commit to various other tasks via substantial time requirements.

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Course Material Presentations:

Video Sample; Class Handout Sample; List of Course Topics



Topics Covered:

Week 1 Includes Days 1-7 of the course content, with quizzes and also assignments provided each day.Students will:

Exsimple kinetics and kinematics.Distinguish in between rectistraight and also curvistraight activity.Relate place, velocity and also acceleration.Derive and also use constant acceleration equations.Exsimple exactly how place, velocity and also acceleration are characterized for curvidirect motion.Solve projectile movement difficulties.Exsimple normal and also tangential unit vectors.Explain and use normal and tangential acceleration.Solve dependent activity problems.Explain family member position, velocity and also acceleration.Solve loved one activity troubles.Exordinary the forms of rigid body kinematics.Determine the velocity of a allude on a rotating rigid body.Determine the acceleration of a suggest on a rotating rigid body

Week 2Includes Days 8-12 of the course content, with quizzes and an assignment provided each day and also Exam 1.Students will:

Define general plane motion.Determine absolute and also angular velocity in airplane activity utilizing the vector method.Locate the instantaneous center of motion of a rotating rigid body.Determine absolute and also angular velocity utilizing the instantaneous center of activity.Explain Newton’s Second Law and also use it for the rectilinear activity of a pshort article.Apply Newton’s 2nd Law for the curvistraight activity of a pwrite-up making use of normal and tangential components of acceleration.Apply rigid body equations of movement for translation.Review key Statics concepts: 2 force members, internal and outside pressures, and complimentary body diagrams.Identify and apply friction and normal force properties associated via sliding and also tipping.

Week 3Includes Days 13-18 of the course content, with quizzes and also an assignment provided each day.Students will: 

Determine the mass moment of inertia for rigid bodies.Apply rigid body equations of activity for centroidal rotation.Determine the angular acceleration of rigid bodies via aircraft motion non-centroidal rotation.Explain vibration, complimentary vibration and also required vibration and also damping.Exordinary herbal circular frequency, amplitude, phase angle, period and also natural frequency.Analyze undamped totally free vibrations difficulties.Analyze undamped cost-free vibration troubles for pposts and also rigid bodies.Exordinary undamped compelled vibration.Explain transient and also steady-state vibration, magnification variable and also resonance.Solve undamped compelled vibration difficulties.Exsimple work-related, kinetic energy and also power.Apply work-related and also power to relate pressure, mass, velocity and also displacement of pshort articles.

Week 4Includes Days 19-22 of the course content, via quizzes and an assignment given each day and also Exam 2.

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Exordinary potential energy of a conservative pressure, gravity and a spring.Apply conservation of energy to pshort articles.Apply work and also energy to rigid bodies in plane motion.Exsimple and also use straight impulse and momentum to particles.

 Week 5Includes Days 23-26 of the course content, via quizzes and an assignment offered each day and Exam 3 and Final Exam.Students will:

Apply the conservation of direct momentum to a device of particles.Exordinary straight central influence, oblique main affect, eccentric impact and also the coreliable of restitution.Solve straight and oblique central impact problems.Exordinary and also use angular impulse and momentum to pposts.Exsimple and apply conservation of angular momentum to pposts.Apply straight and angular impulse and also momentum to rigid bodies in airplane motion.Apply the conservation of momentum to rigid bodies in plane motion.


Homework-related Assignments submitted online—Engineering Paper, Scanner and Mastering Engineering Access Code required

Quizzes—Timely Submission in Blackboard required

Three Exams—Proctored On-site or Student Responsible for Obtaining Proctor —Process TBD (Sample Proctor Form)

Final Exam— Proctored On-website or Student Responsible for Obtaining Proctor at a Testing Center—Process TBD (Sample Proctor Form)

Regular Exams are reserved from 3:30-5:30 pm EST on July 5, July 14, July 25. The Final Exam will be from 3:00-5:30 pm EST on July 2ninth. Onwebsite proctoring will certainly be compelled and also offered for all students residing within an hour’s drive of the Clemchild College campus (in the time of this term). Proctoring demands for other students will be posted in the close to future.