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The Spirit Carries On continues the plot of Scenes from a Memory. Nicholas is under hypnosis when again, and reiterates his belief that his spirit will transcend and he require not… Read More 

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Where did we come from?Why are we here?Where execute we go as soon as we die?What lies beyondAnd what lay before?Is anything specific in life?They say "Life is as well short""The below and the now"And "You`re only provided one shot"But might there be moreHave I lived beforeOr might this be all that we`ve got?If I die tomorrowI`d be alrightSince I believeThat after we`re goneThe heart carries onI offered to be frightened of dyingI offered to think fatality was the endBut that was beforeI`m not scared anymoreI recognize that my heart will transcend
I might never find all the answersI might never understand also whyI may never before proveWhat I understand to be trueBut I know that I still need to tryIf I die tomorrowI`d be alrightBecause I believeThat after we`re goneThe soul carries on"Move on, be braveDon`t weep at my graveBecause I`m no longer hereBut please never before letYour memory of me disappear"Safe in the light that surrounds meFree of the fear and the painMy questioning mindHas assisted me to findThe meaning in my life againVictoria`s realI lastly feelAt tranquility with the girl in my dreamsAnd currently that I`m hereIt`s perfectly clearI found out what all of this means

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The Spirit Carries On proceeds the plot of Scenes from a Memory. Nicholas is under hypnosis once aobtain, and reiteprices his belief that his spirit will certainly transcend and also he need not are afraid death. He currently believes that Edward was involved in the murder, and also plans to expose the truth behind it, but Victoria shows up to Nicholas and tells Nicholas he have to relocate on. At this allude, Nicholas feels at peace, as he feels he has actually appeased Victoria and his very own obsession. The ultimate message is that, as the hypnotherapist says, “fatality is not the end, however just a transition”. The song has been detailed as having actually a Christian outlook on fatality.


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