"After graduation and attending college I soon uncovered just how difficult it was to continue to seek my art. All of my friends were going through the very same instance. So, I made a decision to use our stories as impetus for DREAM.”

Chris Hadley— March 4, 2015

The musical has long been a component of popular entertainment, no issue if it’s on Broadmethod, on the silver display screen, or on TV. Several internet series have likewise included to that tradition, as shown by mirrors favor DESTROY THE ALPHA GAMMAS, THE TROUBADOORS (both previously extended here) and also Joss Whedon’s DR. HORRIBLE’S SING ALONG BLOG.

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While those well-known series have combined hilarious comedy blended with memorable original music and also spectacular choreography, the new drama DREAM: THE URBAN MUSICAL does even more than just carry viewers excellent music and also dancing.

Through its compelling characters and their significant stories, DREAM: THE URBAN MUSICAL is sure to appeal to viewers of all ethnic backgrounds and also socio-economic statsupplies.

Created by Theshay West, and also co-created by West and also Selana Allen, DREAM: THE MUSICAL is collection to premiere its first of 7 episodes later this March on its official Youtube page. The show’s trailer deserve to be regarded at the finish of this write-up.

The series’ talented ensemble cast features Siergio as Chase, an aspiring singer/actor who’s established to accomplish showbiz stardom. Supporting Chase throughout his journey is his older brother Mario (Patrick Lamont), that watched over him throughout their stormy childhood years.

At the same time, Charice (Nzinga Imani) looks for to make a name for herself in the glamorous civilization of fashion design, yet her expert battles are even more compounded by a fully brand-new trouble she currently faces: being in a romantic partnership. There’s likewise Ava (Ayanna), a talented and beautiful singer in search of a personal and experienced comeearlier.

Helping her to obtain earlier on top of the music market is Dream Records executive producer Brian (played by Omar Rasheed). However, his connection in Ava all of a sudden becomes much even more than simply a working one, as Brian becomes progressively infatuated with her – much to the consternation of Brian’s longtime assistant Tammy (Mary Cecil).

Though Brian refuses to acknowledge it, Tammy’s had her eyes on him for a lengthy time. Now, she wants not simply a new title at Dream Records, however additionally to have Brian for herself.

As for Chase, his path to fame and also fortune is soon thwarted as soon as Julia (Oliusing Crosby) arrives on the scene. Desperate to begin a family members through Chase, the previous dancer will go out of her means to get what she desires – no issue exactly how questionable her techniques could be.

West initially began arising the idea for DREAM during his years as a high college student. During that time, West’s talents as a filmmaker would certainly additionally take shape. “Around 2 years earlier. I attended Dekalb School of the Arts high school here in Georgia. It was a supportive setting which fostered my advance as a young filmmaker. I loved high college, and high school loved me,” he says.

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However, the uncertainty of life after high college, and the actual life struggles West and his friends faced as an outcome, confirmed to be the biggest impetus for him to create the series. “…After graduation and attending college I shortly discovered exactly how difficult it wregarding continue to seek my art. All of my friends were going via the very same instance. So, I decided to usage our stories as incentive for DREAM.”

Thanks to its dynamic combicountry of original music, choreography and also relatable characters, DREAM: THE MUSICAL is a show with potential to attract a vast variety of viewers. “The display is designed on universal/global level for a diverse audience base. Tbelow is sex, talent, jealousy, hope, heartbreak and also the underdog wins as the plot line in the episodes,” says West. “People of any type of ethnic and socio-financial background will be able to recognize with DREAM.”

In fact, West claims, those factors make DREAM: THE MUSICAL a present that’s fairly probably among a type. “I believe that there hasn’t been anypoint prefer it to hit the web. It is, in every one of its significance, an metropolitan musical. Completely original songs and also choreography,” he adds. “And I perform believe it is in a genre of its very own.”

As he prepared to end up his researches, West started working on the overall storylines for DREAM. “Before graduating from college, I had actually created the initially batch of scripts, then enprovided the help of the phenomenal writer Selana (Allen). She carried a woman’s touch to the scripts, and also helped me to better build the personalities and also episodes.”

In enhancement to helping West compose the series, Allen additionally looked after audio, and served as the show’s assistant director and also manufacturing manager. Bringing DREAM to life was truly a team initiative for West, Allen, and the show’s cast.

For West, playing a variety of different roles during the show’s manufacturing was, and is, extremely rewarding. “I am the executive producer, editor, cinematographer, choreographer, document producer as well as the director of the show. Whew…that’s a lot, right? But, I live for this life. It’s in my device. I honestly can’t help myself.”

Working on the show’s original songs was additionally a family affair for West. “My younger brother, Trent Westbrook periodically collaborates via me on the manufacturing of some of the beats for the music,” he adds.

While big budgain network-related TV series prefer Fox’s GLEE, and also its newest hit EMPIRE, have brought musical drama to millions of viewers each week, one would certainly quickly compare a display prefer DREAM: THE MUSICAL to those. However, as West states, tbelow are some significant distinctions in between them.

“The show is like EMPIRE and GLEE on a grassroots level. It’s funny because I know the comparisons are gonna come,” adds West. “But, in our defense we were shooting method before EMPIRE was released.”

Anvarious other means that DREAM stands out is in its strategy to filming each episode. As West describes, the show’s impromptu manufacturing style adds to the in its entirety performance of each episode. “Production is exceptionally guerilla. But that also makes it fun and gives us a backstory,” he claims.

In reality, it likewise offers West plenty of opportunities to boost as a filmmaker. “I am constantly asking myself, ‘exactly how have the right to I make this look choose a Hollylumber manufacturing on a considerably lower budobtain, and in some situations no budget?’ It has actually helped to prosper my abilities as a film producer, so I can’t complain,” West adds.

Creating a movie, TV present or internet series on a limited budacquire, though, takes a significant amount of job-related. For West, producing top quality content within the constraints of such a budobtain has enabled him to develop seemingly unheard-of methods to attain obtaining DREAM off the ground.

“Producing DREAM takes great passion, patience, humor, and at times, nearly revolutionary methods to achieve points. That’s why we inspect out the cast to the best of our ability to secure dependable and committed artists,” West claims.

Given its low budacquire, the job of bringing each episode of DREAM to the screen was filled via challenges. “It’s not too straightforward. There is no studio to usage as a cushion, yet. The process has actually its obstacles and also its rewards,” West says. Yet, he adds, his talents, plus the dedication he has in the direction of them, make that job all the more rewarding. “When I develop the choreography, document the songs, or sit to modify the shots, it’s all an experience in self technique, and faith!”

While DREAM has actually yet to launch its crowd funding project for seakid 1, West believes that the show’s potential for success provides it worth eincredibly penny. “Our strategy is that after our first episode is released, we will start a funding campaign to help us complete the seachild (because film manufacturing is not cheap)! But, I think in the story and the talent,” West states.

Perhaps more importantly, though, West feels that the the majority of essential investment anyone have the right to make is one that’s much more useful than money. It’s a belief he techniques as both a filmmaker, and as a guy. “I was always told once I was younger, why would anybody else invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself? So, my motto currently is self-investment.”

While mirrors favor GLEE, FAME, SMASH and also numerous others have gone into and exited the spotlight, West really hopes that DREAM: THE MUSICAL will endure through audiences as much as some of the greatest musicals ever produced for phase and also display.

“Artistically, I desire to produce something innovative. I desire to perform what GREASE and also SINGING IN THE RAIN did for generations,” states West. “Times have actually readjusted now, and things come and go a lot quicker than they when did. I want to develop something that will be hosted dear to world for generations to come.”

DREAM: THE MUSICAL is more than just another musical drama. It’s a compelling individual story of people that are identified to accomplish their dreams – no issue exactly how insurmountable the odds. Through his series, West hopes that viewers will be influenced by the stories portrayed in each episode, while hoping that they will certainly continue to seek their own paths to success.

For them, he has actually this message: “…I desire human being to see that regardmuch less of the hardship, and/or the glitz, you have to remajor committed to your desires and its mission by any indicates important,” West states. “You have the right to perform it! Don’t provide up! Just because it appears hard currently doesn’t expect it will certainly always be that means, Remain resilient! What doesn’t kill us, makes us more powerful.”

(Note: Regarding closed-captioning of the series, West says: “It isn’t closed-captioned yet. However before, it will certainly be later.”)