Dream rv in bradenton fl

This previous weekfinish my husband also Thomas and I attended the RV profession present in Tampa Florida.

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While tright here, we looked at many different RV models and also uncovered one that we felt best met the demands of our household. This 2011 Windsport RV was provided through a sticker price of $79,900. The firm reflecting the RV was Dream RV, based out of Bradenton, FL. We spoke at excellent length with salesperson, Chris Patton about the RV and also felt comfortable with purchasing the RV.

A first step in our procedure was to check on the profession in value of our existing RV, a 2007 Concord Coachmale with 17-18000 miles. We shown via Chris that we would certainly not be purchasing a brand-new RV is we had actually of an unfavorable equity worth on the present RV. After speaking via Dan, his owner, Chris went back to us via a trade in worth of $52,000. We were pleased and also continued with the procedure. Chris wrote up a purchase contract and accepted a $1000 deposit from us. When we saw authorize the contract, we detailed that all the numbers were various. We were then told that the numbers were massaged or adjusted for insurance reasons, but that our initial components were still soundly developed into the contract. We have to have viewed this as a red flag however really felt that this company was interested in our service and also would execute us no injury.

We left through the purchase contract in hand and also checked over all the numbers in full information.

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Currently, I uncovered a large discrepancy in the numbers on the contract. I contacted Chris Patton first thing the next morning to comment on. Upon contacting him, we felt he plainly did not want to talk through us. We then spoke via Dan, the owner of the firm who assured me that upon returning to the office Monday, he would job-related to clear up any kind of of my confusions.

Monday morning came and also I got a call from Jim, the basic manager. Jim explained to me that the contract enabled for a $45,000 profession in worth on my existing RV and that is wbelow I was perplexed. I asked just how that was feasible as soon as we agreed to $52,000. He stated with an extremely condescending tone that I simply didn"t understand and also that tright here was no method I was ever before offered that much on my trade in, that he has actually a number of various other world interested in the version and we were cost-free to take our organization in other places.

We are exceptionally interested in this version RV and do plan to purchase a similar model elsewhere, however feel it"s important to interact our frustration through the Dream RV agency. We have actually made call via a number of review sites including the Better Company Bureau to list our complaint and also discovered that tright here exist multiple reviews with the very same pertains to as we have actually determined and various unreresolved problems and contract disputes.

As a young family members who is already working on the purchase of a second RV, looking forward to a lifetime of motorhome travel, it is incredibly disconcerting to find dealerships via such working principals as Dream RV. We will certainly look somewhere else for our organization.