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The trouble is the company is fraudulent in many kind of methods. I would certainly prefer to start off by saying I did not spend over 6K in a just a couple of hours I was offered a service that was quoted at 300 dollars and was charged over 6K on multiple cards and also was than required to provide signatures and finger prints or I would certainly not be able to leave. The facility is threatening and intimidating. We than voiced our complaints to monitoring which was absolutely no aid to us at all. The employee took my card pointing out my bill was 300 dollars and also than came back discussing it was decreased which was 3600 dollars in which the transaction was apconfirmed unknowingly providing her a various card which was cdifficult 1200 dollars and also than charged 3 more times. I was entirely robbed and also taken advantage of.
Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Unanswered

The establishment attempted to charge $6,000 on my credit cards and also debit card. I immediately recieved a contact from my bank that the attempt for the charge was made. I asked for my cards ago and also told the financial institution to decrease the transactivity. I informed the entertainers that I will certainly not procure their solutions and also will be leaving the establishment bereason they just tried to charge my card $6000. I left the facility and later on found that before they offered me my cards back that they charged $1440 to my delittle card. Tbelow isn"t anything in the facility that costs $1440. I feel I was charged that in error and also have to be refunded. I didn"t get a exclusive dance. I decreased the personal dance. I asked for my Cards ago after the fraudulent charge was attempted and left without agreeing to any type of services. I would certainly like to get my $1440 back. I am a disabled veteran and also should have actually never before been taken advantage of favor that. I discovered that this location has actually numerous reviews wright here the cost fo...
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Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Unanswered

I came down on this adult entertainment business while exceptionally intoxicated, I shouldn’t also have been permitted in. Instead of refmaking use of my enattempt, the staff took advantage of the case and also charged my credit cards over $10,000 US within a pair hrs. It’s my fault for enabling myself to gain to that level of intoxication however a business shouldn’t take advantage of its customers. I can’t also remember most of the night, all I remember is an employee kept asking for my crmodify card and also for me to enter my PIN number and signatures.
Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
Status: Unanswered

I was tbelow for my birthday and also was incredibly intoxicated they over offered me and walked me into the ago room they walked me into the ago room and began handing me contracts to sign they had actually charged my card multiple times for what was expected to be 1 transactivity and also Even after that I had actually not got the business I had been scammed into receiving. Tright here was one point where I was brought out 4 drinks and also I could hardly also walk. I feel like I was taken advantage of in my condition.

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Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Unanswered

Supposedly invested virtually $10,000 one beforehand morning at a gentlemen’s club referred to as Dream Palace of Tempe. I perform not respeak to making these transactions as I was exceptionally intoxicated. I carry out remember being at the club however in no means might I have invested that much money once a I was there by myself. I am likewise pursuing legal activity against this service through wishes to have this avoided for someone else and receive reimbursement for some of the money taken.
Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Unanswered

I was sevedepend over charged on my credit card!It was definitely a scamera from the women that work atthe facility. My card was charged a full Of nine times in the amounts of $3000.00,$721.20,$722.40,$600.00,$180.00,$2880.00,$720.00,$3600.00, and $2881.20 for a complete of $15,304.80and each rime I was directed to pay the girl it was always roughly one to $300 an hour So that’s what I assumed I was signing for yet it’s obviously a scamera bereason as soon as I woke up I had a $15,304.80 Worth of credits charge to my crmodify card And it is obviously a selectronic camera because each time I would sign what I assumed was one to $300 they would take my fingerprint and also take my image I simply believed that was protocol at the time . But after looking on yelp it seems this has taken place to fairly a couple of people at this establishment which is ridiculous to take advantage of someone prefer that !!!!!!!

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