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To dream of shoes represents your approach to life or a case. How you choose to deal with cases. Your style or methodology for confronting difficulties. Our principles, morals, goals, or motivations. Look to the shade and also style of shoe for extra symbolism.To dream of getting a new pair of shoes represents brand-new approaches of approaching cases or going around life. New ideas, new insights, or new skills that are transdeveloping your outlook. Confronting problems in a different way or changing exactly how you interact through people.To dream of shoes that are as well cramped represents a strategy to a instance that is as well limiting and also ineffective.To dream of changing your shoes represents changing your method to a case. Different approaches or ideas are being supplied.To dream of taking your shoes off represents giving up your method to a instance. You might have actually uncovered that particular concepts or techniques are not useful to you. Retiring from a situation or challenge. Negatively, it might be a authorize that you are providing up or offering in also conveniently.To dream of white shoes represents a strategy to a instance that is based upon excellent intentions or wanting to execute nopoint wrong. Conversely, a white shoes may reflect a technique to a case or life that is focused on addressing troubles or dealing with negativity for excellent.To dream of red shoes represents a dangerous technique to a situation. Dealing through problems in a criminal, riskies, dangerous, intentionally dishonest, or reckmuch less manner. Dealing through instances with no regard for other people"s feelings. A strategy of problem resolving that is excessively dishonest. Dealing through problems by being incredibly angry at people or scaring civilization via change they can not refusage. Using sex in a dishoswarm manner to acquire what you desire from human being.To dream of being unable to uncover your shoes represents feelings of being unable to strategy a case through confidence or in a means you are offered to doing. Feeling that your approaches to fixing a difficulty will not occupational the way you thought they would.To dream of polishing shoes represents an effort to look perfect or "polished" through your techniques of managing a case. Not wanting to look nervous, inknowledgeable, or imethical in any method at all. Wanting to look good learning what you are talking about to others or prefer you deserve to be trusted. You may be concerned about making a great initially impression or that you are beyond criticism.To dream of a pair of sneakers (running shoes) represents a method to a case that is casual or issue free. Playing it cool.

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Not taking life as well seriously. Comfort and satisfaction through yourself and who you are.Negatively, a sneakers may be a sign that you are not being serious enough around how you go around doing something. Irobligation or ignoring danger. Always taking the basic options. Playing it as well cool.To dream of wet shoes might reflect feelings of embarrassment that your method to a case didn"t work-related out as planned. Methods or problem addressing have actually led to more difficulties. Your manner of approaching a case is causing troubles or making your life more difficult. Embarrassment that you aren"t as efficient as you desire to be.To dream of wearing two different shoes represents feelings about conflicting approaches to a instance. Two different simultaneous approaches of living, doing your job, or living in a connection. Awareness of yourself not being 100% loyal. Awareness of yourself not being 100% chose or concentrated. Awareness of yourself not being 100% team player.Negatively, wearing two various shoes might reflect difficulties via living honestly or challenge adjusting to new problems in your life. Awkwardly living a twin life or pretending you favor something just bereason someone else likes it. Awareness of yourself living a lie or having actually to be a various person to different civilization. Fearing looking like a fake to two different human being. Excessive human being pleasing or difficulty being comfortable being yourself.To dream of shoes breaking represents feelings around a technique to a situation not working anyeven more or not being good enough. Feeling compelled to readjust your strategy to a situation. Feelings that there is something wrong via your technique to a situation that can not be addressed. Negatively, it might be a authorize that you are either overdoing something, not skilled enough, or even probably not being persistent enough in your ways. Embarrassment that your methods are not as great as someone else"s.Example: A psychiatrist dreamed of wearing shoes that were as well cramped. In actual life she was start to feel that Freud"s methods were as well limiting to her job-related in understand people"s minds. The cramped shoes reflected her feelings that making use of a Freudia strategy to treatment was too limiting to be effective for all her clients.Example 2: A male dreamed of trying to decide between 2 pairs of shoes. In waking life was composing a book and trying to decide whether to be entirely honest around some stupid things he had actually done or to stop creating around them completely.Example 3: A guy dreamed that the soles of his shoes were worn out and also that brand-new soles were only permitted for Nazi Storm Troopers. In waking life he was living in Nazi Germany kind of and once he had worn down his capability to covertly stop Nazi restrictions he felt compelled to accept them to proceed his life normally.Example 4: A woman dreamed of being unable to find a specific pair of shoes. In waking life she was unable to discover a means to attend to a trouble she had actually.