Dream of mirrors iron maiden

This song is around a man who has a recurring dream in which he is trapped in a maze complete of mirrors. He likewise appears to be shed in time: "have you ever thought the future is the past" and also "I just dream in babsence and white."
MargaritavilleJimmy Buffett

"Margaritaville" is a state of mind, yet it"s a lot of connected via Key West, Florida, wbelow Jimmy Buffett relocated once he was 24.

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Adele"s "Hello" was the first song to market over a million downlots in a week.

Diamonds From Sierra LeoneKanye West

Movie director Michel Gondry played live drums on the Late Registration track, "Diamonds From Sierra Leone." The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind filmmaker taken place to be in the studio on a day when producer Jon Brion was establishing up a drum kit

VenusShocking Blue

The original "Venus" was a #1 hit for the Dutch band Shocking Blue. Listen to the initially line and you"ll hear a muffed word: "goddess" was sung as "goddness."

The WeightThe Band also

In The Band also song "The Weight," Nazareth ("Went dvery own to Nazareth") describes a tvery own in Pennsylvania wbelow the Martin Guitar company was situated.

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True ColorsCyndi Lauper

With a message of acceptance and inclusivity, "True Colors" became a gay civil liberties anthem. Cyndi Lauper assist create an organization called True Colors United to assist support LGBTQ youth.

Al Jourgensen of MinistrySongwriter Interviews

In the name of song explanation, Al talks around scoring heroin for William Burroughs, and that"s not also the the majority of shocking story in this one.

Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy and Babsence Star RidersSongwriter Interviews

Writing through Phil Lynott, Scott saw their ill-fated frontmale move to a darker area in his life and also lyrics.

Stand also By Me: The Perfect Song-Movie CombinationTrack Writing

In 1986, a Stephen King novella was made into a movie, through a classical song serving as title, soundtrack and also tone.

George HarrisonFact or Fiction

Did Eric Clapton really steal George"s wife? What"s the George Harrison-Monty Python connection? Set the record directly through our Fact or Fiction quiz.

Richard MarxSongwriter Interviews

Rictough explains just how Joe Walsh kickstarted his career, and also why he determined Hazard, Nebraska for a hit.

Amy GrantSongwriter Interviews

The optimal Conmomentary Christian artist of all time on song inspirations and also what she learned from Johnny Carkid.