Dream Invading Demons Band

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MUTED CRIESI'm the adversary I've concerned take you to the highest possible courts in this land also I'm in the closet I'm in the trunk dug a hole and also constructed a wall Is tbelow someone I can talk to Tbelow is so a lot I have the right to say I'm a thief I'm a liar I'm on TV I'm your desire I need closure I'm not the same I'm calling out display your confront Is tright here someone I have the right to talk to is there someone to blame I’m in the water I’m in the water I’m drowning, drowning I remember, remember Your name I’m broken I’m broken I’m feeling, believing I’m bleeding, bleeding from the stone I remember I remember I was younger, so younger I’m rising, increasing Through the flame

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DON'T TAKE ME Muddy water under the bridge down by the road All your friends they come to see What's going on Light the fire and gather about Feel the glow River passes on by I can view the red tail lights flicker in the light stop the truth the whistle blows store out of sight lost the crucial that opens up doors retained inside a box River passes on by No don't take me don't take me don't take me don't take me In the trees a actors of light God is to my best in his hand also he transforms the key of all our worlds silence is the darkness to be held approximately the light River passes on by No don't take me don't take me don't take me don't take me
BORDERLINE In the chase in the burning sun when the weapons rang out no one heard it it was not checked out painted on the walls for all to watch Your borderline, your borderline, your borderline, your borderline Open the window close the door every one of the eyes are frozen in line captured in the act confront the rats online ghosts deluxe via leather Your borderline, your borderline, your borderline, your borderline
FEAR! The driving force behind the directions we choose. How we address our fears and also fight our demons is imperative for our survival. Watch for the signs!Our "Muted Cries" EP is taking a little of a stroll to the dark side. From the opening lines to its fading chords, this brand-new repertoire is assuredly darker than any of our previous undertakings.Confront it now….”face the rats”....
released December 11, 2018 Clay Phillips and also Karl MachatProduced by Dream Trance Invasionat Cathedral Sun Studios