Gudevening sir I heard a dream last night l observed president Obama, in that dream I told him I would prefer to be choose him, affluent and famed he told me to kneel dvery own and prayed for me and left, so later on somebody brought food to me and said it was Obama that sent the food. I can’t remember if I eat the food or not. Pls i dont understand the dream at all.

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Indeed, it was the spirit of President Barrack Obama that you actually observed in the dream. But as shortly as you left someone from the underhuman being concerned tempt you through spiritual food in order to scatter the blessings of God in your life. That is the handiwork of the evil one. The reason for this dream is that God is making you a great, wealthy and famous perboy. But the adversary has a means of stealing breakthrough and blessing via this food initiation dream. He knows that the prayers of the president (angels) will certainly go alengthy way in emotional your destiny and also bringing a great adjust of status in your life. God is committed to perdevelop that which is release from you such as gifts, talents, desires and also aspirations. Genesis 12:2 claims, “And I will certainly make of thee a great nation, and also I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and also thou shalt be a blessing:” Tbelow is nothing that prayer cannot carry out. It have the right to damage the activities of witchcraft caterer assigned versus your blessings via this dream. They know that a mightier breakwith is coming on your method. Be vigilant in your prayers. This dream is a authorize that you will attain greateness yet forces of darkness did not desire it to manifest. That is why you need to cry out to God in anger. The grace that made President Obama to come to be what he is now, ask God to offer you that unwidespread grace to become relevant in your household, society and the human being in general.


 1. He is an angel of God2. He is a angel that maketh intercession3. He is a prophet4. He is an excellent friend


1. Massive pollution2. Non achievement3. Faitempt when there must be success.4. Miracles pass over your head5. Poor health and also sickness such as fibroid.6. Confusion and frustration.7. Satanic rearrangement of magnificent destiny.8. Stagnancy and also disappointments9. Activities of wasters


Stop the blood of Jesus into the evil food

Sheight damage unto evil plantation

Speak defense unto yourself, your home, and every little thing that comes to you

Stop victory and testimony right into your life

Soptimal determicountry to get this abrahamic blessings

CONFESSION: Genesis 32:26 – And he sassist, Let me go, for the day breaketh, And he shelp, I will certainly not let thee go, other than thou bmuch less me.


1. Lord my father, place me to obtain your blessing in the name of Jesus.2. My Angel of blessing, find me now in the name of Jesus.3.Eexceptionally blessings of mine buried under the ground or under the water be exhumed by fire, in the name of Jesus.4.Eextremely power assigned to divert my blessing, obtain the arrow of fire and be roasted, in the name Jesus.5.O God of abundance let your blessing start to spring forth in eextremely area of my life in the name of Jesus.6. I render null and void eexceptionally significant destiny swallowers in the name of Jesus.7. Eexceptionally altar placed versus my breakthrough be dismantled by fire in the name of Jesus.8. Any synagogue of Satan or evil shrine wright here my blessings have been caged, catch fire in the name of Jesus.9. My blessings in the camp of the foe jump out and situate me by fire, in the name of Jesus.10. Any power that has swpermitted my blessing, vomit it currently in the name of Jesus.11. Any power waging war against my breakthroughs from my location of birth, receive faiattract and also defeat in the name of Jesus.12. Oh you my magnificent helper appear and also attach me to my breakthroughs in the name of Jesus.13. You that satanic doorkeeper locking out blessings from me summersault and die, in the name of Jesus.14. Eincredibly evil bank establiburned versus my finances, be liquidated by fire in the name of Jesus.15. Oh you power fighting versus my promovement start to fight yourselves in the name of Jesus.16. Eexceptionally evil agent hindering, delaying, preventing, or damaging breakvia in my life, your time is over, die in the name of Jesus.17. Eexceptionally satanic umbrella extending my glory, capture fire, in the name of Jesus.18. I plug myself right into the favor of God and I obtain power and favor in the name of Jesus.19. Eincredibly satanic rat eating holes in my pocket die by fire in the name of Jesus.20. Any name that I am bearing that is functioning versus my breakvia, O Lord my Father adjust it and offer me a brand-new name in the name of Jesus.21. O God of all impossibility offer me the breakthrough that will certainly dumbfound my opponents in the name of Jesus.22. Thank you Lord for the answered prayers.

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