Dream Home Kensington Manor Laminate

This Kensington Manor Dream Home testimonial is a good one. I have actually mounted some of the Dream Home laminate flooring assets before and this one is the best. This Kensington Manor line from Lumber Liquidators was actually a pleacertain to install. It was east to affix the planks and I did not uncover any kind of poor connections in between planks.


This laminate is 12mm thick with a 3mm attached padding. It has actually a AC3 rating (AC5 being the best) which is good for residential usage. The price was about 2.79 a foot offer or take, as of the forth quarter of 2013. You can examine the Lumber Liquidators website for specific prices. As of this time Lumber Liquidators shows 17 various color in this line. If I essential laminate flooring at this time I would take into consideration Kensington Manor.

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The shade I installed is High Sholes Hickory. The surconfront is a hand also hewn texture via a  V-groove edge. It has a 30 year warranty likewise.


The locking device was KEY via this laminate. It enabled me to tap the planks together while laying flat alongside each other. This provides it a lot much easier when installing under door jambs.

The thickness of this offers a nice solid feel when walked on.



These photos above are cshed ups of the Kensington Manor locking system. This particular locking system was easy to job-related via. You can also check out the texture close up

Cut Board that will fit Under door jamb
Slide cut board under door jamb

This is an example of being able to tap the boards together while laying flat side by side. It would be exceptionally difficult to install this cut board under the door jamb via the rest of the floor set up as much as it.

This is why I leave the various other boards unset up. I reduced all the boards initially and also then install them all at once.

Lay the remainder of the planks in loosely
Tap all the planks together

Here you can view wright here all the boards are layed in location. After sliding the reduced board under the door jamb I lay all the remainder in area as close to each various other as possible.

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Using both the tapping block and the pull bar I tap (or bang) all the planks together. Starting at one finish and also work-related to the various other. Tap the finish joints together last.

 This video shows how I install this laminate. Its the kind wbelow you affix the lengthy side initially and then tap the end joints together. Other locking systems have a drop and lock strategy. While others only lock while at a tilt.

Its not the finest filming, as a I job-related alone the majority of of the time.

This laminate felt incredibly challenging and also sturdy.

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If you or anyone you know has had anything to carry out with Kensington Manor laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators, it would be helpful for all the readers to recognize anypoint good or poor about this product. Feel totally free to report on this product. Thank You

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