Six dedicated students at Kirin Art High School occupational to achieve their dreams of coming to be stars in the Korean music market.

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Hae Mi desires to come to be a singer, however loan sharks are hounding her to repay her father's debt -- so she puts her dream of going to Juilliard on host.


All kinds of students are auditioning to be a student at Kirin High School. Hae Mi copes through rejection after losing her place to Beak Hee.


Hae Mi is forced to dance behind Sam Dong, but she doubts his talent. Sam Dong becomes attracted to Hae Mi after hearing her sing.


Beak Hee's event is a success. Lee Byung Jun puts Hae Mi and Jin Guk on phase to weaken the director's authority -- and it is a full disaster.

Hae Mi announces that she will beat Beak Hee on the first monthly test. But Hae Mi and Jin Guk are not allowed to take the Performance class.

Sam Dong gets hit by a flowerpot and also he is sent to the emergency room. Hae Mi feels responsible for what taken place, so she takes treatment of him.

CEO Hyun asks Jin Guk to drop out of Kirin High School to go abroad. Hae Mi is shocked by Jin Guk's behavior. Jakid and also Lia open up the showcase.

Jin Guk runs amethod from the airport and also goes to watch Hae Mi, however she is currently gone. It pains Sam Dong to watch Hae Mi enduring.

The school goes to Japan for a field expedition, and Hae Mi, Sam Dong and also Oh Hyuk fly together. After showing up at Japan, they sing at a wedding for money.

Hye Mi crashes via Ria and Baek Hee, and her stomach growls loudly but her pride won't let her accept the snacks Baek Hee uses.

CEO Yoon uses Hae Mi a deyet and also she is happy to be on phase via Jin Guk. Oh Hyuk plans to leave the school, and Hae Mi tries to make him continue to be.

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Oh Hyuk returns and tries to talk to Sam Dong. Sam Dong states he won't be in the showinstance. Beak Hee should sing her very own composition at the performance.

Sam Dong tells Hae Mi to stay ameans from him and also not to issue about him anyeven more. To obtain over her, he starts training through Pil Suk to work on his pitch.

Oh Hyuk finds out Baek Hee was at the scene of the incident. Students are suprised by the obstacle of a worldwide dispute.

Byung Jik comes ago to Korea and asks Hae Mi to go awide. Sam Dong feels negative that Hae Mi can go ameans. Pil Suk works on a cable tv present.

Doo Shik tells the team that he's running up against a giant wall as soon as it pertains to the studios. Baek Hee and also Jin Gook attempt not to hold the team back.

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