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Only ET was on the set in the time of filming of tonight"s Motown-influenced episode, and also the show"s creator and also star, Rachel Bloom, spilled the exclusive scoop on exactly how she landed these dreamy guest stars.

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"Ricki was just a fan, which is the the majority of flattering thing ever," the Golden Globe winner gushed to ET. "And I believe Amber was a fan also. This is a kickass Motown number and also we simply needed the a lot of kickass human being that we could think of, and it"s going to be so fun."

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To say that Lake is a "fan" of the smash CW series would be a drastic understatement.

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"I prefer to think that I"m the No. 1 fan," the 47-year-ol actress dished. "It"s outrageous, it"s crazy, she"s so relatable and also the songs are catchy. is the everywoman, we all can relate to this character, and the fact that it"s a musical comedy on tv -- it"s a dream for me as a viewer."

"I think they"re nailing it every week and I"m simply happy to be a component of this episode," Lake included. "I would have actually mopped the floor to be a part of this. I would have done anything, and also so they gave me this little bit dream sequence. It"s a tiny mockiup on Dreamgirls -- I"m a dream gorganize. I get to wear some crazy wig later, and also I"m tickled to be below."

As for our other "dream ghost," Riley admitted she was having some severe McKinley High nostalgia while rehearsing for this musically-inclined guest function. "It"s sort of choose a flashearlier, however not as crazy though," the Wiz star shelp of her Glee previous. "There"s not as many world. But I had to pre-document after I gained the lyrics and learned the song, and when we were in rehearsal, I was remembering how I memorize the procedures prefer prior to."

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Although neither of our dream ghosts have gone to Rebecca"s extremes of traveling cross-nation for a man, both Lake and also Riley admitted that they have actually "absolutely" stalked an ex before.

"I still stalk people on Facebook!" Lake admitted. "I mean, I"m in a relationship however I still favor watch what people are up to. Yes, I execute plenty of stalking, method as well a lot, specifically with social media these days.""Oh yeah!" Riley agreed with a laugh. "We have actually Instagram and also Facebook currently, are you kidding me? I stalk my exes all the time."

"With Twitter, you deserve to go crazy simply seeing what the articles are about," Lake ongoing. "Even if you don"t put your area on, you can still get a feeling of what they did last night, that they were via last night, and also so, yeah, I spend most wasted time doing that sort of stuff."

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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