Traverse Town¶

Riku awakens dazed, a lot prefer Sora, however gets much less time to think because some girl is gaining chased down by some Nightmares. Defeat some adversaries in the area if you wish, then go onto the ledge of the structure southern of the massive one; it is northeast of where you start. Tright here is a portal there; usage it.

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Three more Nightmares will certainly pop up. Defeat them as you commonly would; you’ll obtain 10 DP , a Vibrant Fantasy , and a Shield Cookie if you block 3 of their attacks!

When you’re all set, go southern right into the First District. After a quick scene, you will certainly fight an absolute SWARM of Nightmares. Finish them off. Note that you deserve to use the Portal from Tidus in the southeastern corner to gain some even more Spirits. You will certainly unlock some Drop Bonuses after the fight as a Bonus Level.

The girl, Shiki, introduces herself to Riku and thanks him. After a mildly humorous cutscene. go west to the following location, the Back Streets.

This area is actually pretty direct. Fight alengthy until you reach a four-way intersection. Go north and also open up the chest for a Potion , then go back to the intersection for now and go southern. At the finish of this path, you’ll be close to some water. Open a chest in one of the pools for a Repaint Gun (Sky Blue x10) .

Then go right into the tunnel. You’ll Flowmovement alengthy the course to a gap; jump over and also, on the various other side, go onto the ledge nearby wbelow a large chest with a Thunder spell lies.

Rerotate to the ground and go ago to wbelow you discovered the Potion. Enter the sewers choose before. You’ll shortly reach a room with some enemies. Beat ’em up, then open the close to chest for an additional Shield Cookie .

Exit to the south and, in the next room, you’ll beat up some even more Nightmares and discover one more Potion chest. Go north and also leave the sewers. As you continue to the bridge, usage Flowactivity to go west to the much roof with the chest on top; open it for an Intrepid Figment .

Then go back to the bridge, then go north and alengthy the course. Use the Save Point and proceed right into the following location.

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In Fountain Plaza, usage Reality Change Slingshot with the barrel to knock down the eastern cprices and reveal a chest; open up it for a Vibrant Fantasy .

Continue alengthy to the fountain and also climb up the cprices on the west side to discover a chest; open it for an Ice Dream Cone . Grind about in the area if you desire, then go north to the next area; the exit is behind the fountain.

In the 4th District, ride a wire to the substantial structure and also, in the optimal area, open the chest for some Treacertain Goggles . Ride to the northwestern buildings and also open up the chest for a Balloon , then jump back to the massive structure and also press Y to reach the ledge. Fight off some opponents and open the chest tbelow for some Confetti Candy .

Go to the western lit-up area and also open up the chest tbelow for some Confetti Candy , then get on these buildings’ roofs to find a chest via an Intrepid Figment . Then go southeastern. Beat up some more adversaries and also open the chest below for a Potion .

Then go north and northeastern to the massive open up location through a Save Point. Use it and open up the eastern chest for a Shield Cookie . Then usage the door to the west to reach the next area.

You’ll watch a scene tright here. We come throughout the black-hooded man, that has actually reportedly done somepoint to Shiki, and needs to understand why and also just how you came right here. Suddenly, Beat mentions the deal between him and the mystery dude - he gets Riku and Shiki goes ago to her world.

Suddenly, the guy takes off his hood and also summons a Nightmare, leaving without identifying himself. And you are left to fight.