So I'm around to wrap up my play with of Digimon World Next Order and also am around to jump into my copy of KH 2.8 via Dream Drop Distance HD.

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I was curious if anyone can market me any kind of beginners' tips or tricks for this game, as I've never before tried it. To day, I've played and bconsumed all Kingdom Hearts titles on Proud except for this one (simply because I've never provided it a chance)! Not really searching for a real thorough how-to or anything; yet just any point for me to keep in mind when beginning out and great ways to get going solid at an early stage on! Hoping to play this on Proud mode and also take dvery own as many optional bosses and complete as much of the game as possible!

Thanks all! And any help is considerably appreciated!


Don't circulation via every little thing and also skip enemies! It's tempting, yet it'll bite you in the butt.

Like everyone else said, use the ability board for your dream eaters ideal ameans, spam Balloon commands, and also number out flow motion early on.

Make certain to level up and upgrade many dream eaters so you deserve to get their abilities. Master the flowactivity, this is OP and also make the fights absolutely basic. And once you feel choose you're going to enter a boss fight and also your drop gauge is low, go for some grind before the drop bar is over, this method you offer more droplets to the other character and you don't should rebegin the boss fight from 0.

The 3rd component around the drop gauge is all Greek to me because I have actually no clue what that is, however I'll keep it in mind! Thanks for the tips!

You get abilities via dream eaters, so it's finest to pick an capability on your dream eater's board that you want, grab it, then move onto the following one.

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Forgive my ignorance (aget, I've never before played the game) however the Dream Eaters are the creatures you're collecting/recruiting? Sounds choose they don't serve a lot purpose various other than giving you brand-new abilities to aim for. So I'm guessing you use one until you obtained the ability, and then just go on to the next? Aacquire,I may be method off.

Balloon magic is OP.

Flow activity is likewise pretty handy, choose really easy.

Don't skip enemies, they drop material which is helpful for crafting dream eaters.

I'm going to perform my best to shoot for a 100% completion. Are tbelow any points I might miss out on at an early stage that I can't get/perform later? Just don't desire to permanently miss out on anything!

Do flick rush till you can get dark barrier and also dark dodge for riku, balloon spells are broken, and if you're on the ps4 buy one item at each moogle shop (it's a trophy)

If you don't understand anypoint about the story, I'll refrain from saying who the semi-final boss is. For that boss fight, jump a lot and attempt to continue to be in the air throughout the second phase of the fight until the boss briefly stops attacking. He can't acquire you if you're airborne. It's likewise the ideal possibility to heal if you're hurt. Oh, I highly recommfinish having the 2nd Chance, Once More, Leaf Bracer and also Defender abilities on. It's hell if you're lacking even one of these abilities.


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