Dream Drop Distance Ansem 2Nd Form

At this time playing as level 34 as Riku and I'm just having a really challenging time trying to beat Ansem's second create. Any tips? I have Curaga, Triple Plasma, firaga, and also dark splicer but that's basically useless


What difficulty are you on? I was struggling on Proud at Level 50 yet here you are taking him on at level 34 lol.

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I recommfinish grinding for Once More and also Second Chance also, those are life savers in that battle. Also, even though people think it's a cheese, a type of Balloon/ra/ga helps.

Haha right currently I'm on Standard, I actually regulated to beat him a few minutes after I posted this yet currently I'm stuck on young Xehanort. I've obtained him dvery own to his clock twice however I passed away again

Fill your deck with Balloonras and also Balloongas, with a Curaga or 2, and also just spam the heck out of flowmovement when you deserve to. You'll be done within secs.

Another thing that have the right to aid is always double jumping as soon as you cast balloon, you'll dodge most of his attacks.

Depfinishing on challenge, level a little bit additionally if you wish.

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Flowmovement, blocks, regulates, and occasional swipes.

So I beat the game at level 39 on proud -- it's a pain at times, however it's feasible. For all of the end-game bosses you have the right to typically beat it by having actually 3+ Cur(e,a,aga) effects on your bar. For Ansem, I ended up utilizing 5x Blizzard Edge, 1x Cura, 2x Curaga in that order.

For the second develop of Ansem (the hallway), I uncovered that tbelow are two main settings that you have to watch for. The initially is the normal "beat his ass" mode. That's just getting up in his grill and wailing on him. Sometimes he backs up and throws points along the ground, so simply jump over them. Nothing special, make certain to heal as soon as you take damage. The 2nd mode is as soon as he pushes you ago to the finish of the level and also you need to go to him. You recognize all that Flowmotion you've used throughout the game? Here's wright here to put it to use. The lasers he shoots don't track well once you are flowmotioning super quick along the walls, and then you deserve to obtain close enough to him that he'll press the balls of darkness ameans and you deserve to go earlier and wail on him. I think I beat him at 35 through minimal initiative bereason his cycles were simply so simple to read.

My reference to you is to make certain you have actually 2-3 high level cure effects as well as Leaf Bracer on Riku at all times as soon as it pertains to the last boss gauntlet. You're going to need it. Any Magic Haste or Cure Boosts you can save on your character are also helpful. Anything that stops you from dying as soon as you have actually more then 1HP is likewise valuable, considering that you are very most likely to be combo eliminated from about 1/2 HP at level 34, probably even greater. I was constantly topped up at 100% because of the feat of the instakill.