Dream Daddy Walkthrough Robert

All of the dialogue options and actions essential to gain all S rank days and Robert"s finishing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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For those of you aiming to unlock all dad endings in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, discovering exactly how to obtain Robert’s finishing can be exceptionally valuable. This is because Robert deserve to be a bit difficult to talk to as he’s standoffish, reckless, and also irresponsible. However before, deep dvery own beneath that layer of grit lives a covert soft side. If you’re having actually a difficult time acquiring via to Robert, no issues, we’ve obtained you covered!

Below, you’ll discover the actions essential to get all S rank days and Robert’s ending in Dream Daddy.

Dream Daddy - How to Get Robert’s Ending

Your initially opportunity to accomplish Robert in Dream Daddy happens when you go out to watch "the Game" at a bar.

The initially action in getting Robert’s finishing in Dream Daddy is to head out and also watch “the Game” once motivated. This will take you to a bar wright here you’ll satisfy Catherine, and later, Robert. From this point forward, you’ll must select the adhering to choices:

Don’t buy Mary a drink.I love shots.Complement his Cool Leather Jacket.Running ameans from my difficulties.No, give thanks to you.Go earlier to sleep.

After that, feel complimentary to make whichever choices you prefer, maintaining in mind that you’ll desire to pursue Robert over all of the various other Dream Daddies. When you acquire to the backyard barbecue, you’ll desire to pick the alternative that allows you talk to Robert and Brian.

Once you’ve chatted them up, you have the right to either talk to the various other dads, or head straight for burger time. fairtradeexpo.orgain, make whichever before options you choose until you gain to the Dadbook section.

Your Dadbook answers won"t matter as soon as it involves acquiring the Robert ending in Dream Daddy.

Note that as of the moment of this creating, we’re still not specific whether or not your Dadbook options make any type of distinction. Nevertheless, below are the closest “Robert” alternatives we discovered. Feel cost-free to pick whichever before you prefer if you don’t choose the ones we’ve noted listed below.

Sink into blissful oblivion (sleep).I don’t require anything.My survival skills have actually trained me for this day.Street smarts.The president of room.Sean Connery’s entire filmography.Archild.A cool knife.Conspiracy theories.

With your Dadbook completely filled out,you’ll be offered the option to messfairtradeexpo.orge one of the dads. Pick Robert. Keep in mind, he won’t automatically messfairtradeexpo.orge you fairtradeexpo.orgo so you’ll be left twiddling your thumbs and also watching cat videos (literally) until nighttime. When he messfairtradeexpo.orges you, pick the complying with responses:

Just chillin.Whisessential, right up.Whisessential hasn’t failed me yet.You with the feds?Can you get the following round?You understand it.This one’s for you, Pappy.Of course.You betcha!Thanks for defending my honor.

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After that, you’ll have actually properly completed your initially day through Robert and will certainly have actually scored an outstanding S rank!

Using the options listed over, you should get an S rank on your first date via Robert in Dream Daddy.

Next off, go through the options through Amanda picking whichever responses you choose. Ultimately, you’ll go back to the Dadbook. Select Robert fairtradeexpo.orgain to go on your second day with him.

Hoist that Rfairtradeexpo.org, baby.Say nothing.Play along.You’re lying.I’m glad that you told me.

Tright here you have actually it, every one of the answers required to woo Robert on your second day in Dream Daddy. At this point, you’ll acquire your second S rank, and can continue to pick whichever before alternatives you favor till committing to the third and also final date through Robert.

Using the alternatives listed above, you need to gain an S rank on your secondday through Robert in Dream Daddy.

First, prior to you continue to the dialogue options below, make a psychological note that you’ll be given a dialogue choice via Amanda after you’re done texing Robert. This section is wbelow you can unlock a concealed achievement. After Amanda swears, pick the “I don’t care anymore” option. This need to earn you the “Let Amanda Say ” success.

With that out of the means, here are the selections you should pick through Robert beginning through his text:

Yeah dude.To you.He’d never convince the jury.80’s referral.Go via somepoint I understand.Travelling grifter.Working a pair brief cons.Daniel McSturgiss.Ecclesiastes 12:7.“Paranormal Excursions of the Supernatural: Ice Road Gorganize Truckers.”Is that also a question?Yes.Push it.Tell him what he demands to hear.

With those selections locked down, your third day will involved an finish with yet another S rank. Congratulations, you’ve now completed all 3 dates through Robert unlocking his finishing and a one-of-a-kind photograph when the credits finish rolling.

Using the choices noted above, you have to unlockRobert"s finishing and also special artwork-related in Dream Daddy.

What was the funniest moment you had while dating Robert? Blog post your Dream Daddy screenshots dvery own in the comments below!

By reading through this overview, you should currently recognize exactly how to unlock all S rank days and also the main Robert finishing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.