Here"s all of the dialogue options forced to acquire Mat"s ending in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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Dream Daddy - How to Get Hugo"s Ending

All of the dialogue choices and also procedures essential to gain Hugo"s finishing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.


If you’re looking to totally finish Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, you’ll should understand just how to obtain Mat"s ending. Mat is a hip, coffee-loving music enthusiast that spends the majority of of his time at the Coffee Spoon. If you store this in mind while dating Mat, and also you have to have the ability to unlock his finishing quite easily.

If you"re still having a hard time getting through to Mat, no concerns, we"ve acquired you spanned. Below, you"ll discover the procedures needed to gain Mat"s finishing in Dream Daddy.

Dream Daddy - How to Get Mat’s Ending

The first action towards winning Mat"s heart is to accomplish him at the Coffee Spoon in Dream Daddy.

The initially step in getting Mat"s ending in Dream Daddy happens as soon as you decide to visit the Coffee Spoon. Rather than unpacking or exploring the park, coffee need to be your first priority. When asked which type of coffee you prefer, your initial answer will not issue (we picked Iced Tefairtradeexpo.organ and also Sara). Next, once you"re ordering banana breview, pick "Right Said Banana Bread" to acquire on Mat"s great side.

After that, your choices do not matter, though we recommend not going out to watch "the Game" and also not meeting Craig at the gym. Once you reach the backyard barbeque section, pick the option to talk to Mat, Hugo, and Craig. Next, pick the “well, that’s subjective” alternative to open up up a dialogue through Mat and Hugo about art. With that out of the means, feel totally free to head directly for burger time. Later on, you’ll be greeted by the Dadbook section.

Your Dadbook answers won"t issue when it pertains to obtaining the Mat ending in Dream Daddy.

Aobtain, we haven’t determined whether or not your Dadbook answers impact our relationship through your liked dad. However, we chose to pick the finest “Mat” answers. If you don’t favor the selections below, feel free to pick whichever answers you favor.

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Fall asleep watching the History Channel.Castameans on DVD for instructional functions.Comfortable via crying.The president of area.Whatever before will make me cry.Trying to geocache but obtaining hopelessly lost.My sick vape.When I have the right to following get a cup of coffee.

With that out of the method, you’ll want to pick the alternative to messfairtradeexpo.orge Mat out of the list of easily accessible dads. Your initially date will take location at the Sound Garden. Once there, choose from the adhering to dialogue options:

Yes of course I absolutely recognize what I’m talking aboutTally ho, good sirASK fairtradeexpo.orgAINASK fairtradeexpo.orgAIN!(Success "Find That Dad" mini game).The Youths will ultimately accept me.Fashion.
While playing Find That Dad in Dream Daddy, you"ll have to try and collect as many hearts as feasible. Don’t backtrack if you miss a heart, simply store pushing forward and save up via the crowd.

After that, you’ll have effectively completed your first day with Mat and will certainly have actually scored an outstanding S rank! Next, you’ll desire to make your way through the game, then messfairtradeexpo.orge Mat for your second date. When you arrive at the coffee shop (before the document store), you’ll want to pick the following dialogue options:

Father John MistoYeah. Why not?Cite mutually assured destruction.Rip that golf fairmethod.Go with a classical.Never before as well late to acquire fairtradeexpo.orgo right into it.
Using the alternatives listed over, you have to gain an S rank on your second date through Mat in Dream Daddy.

After that, you’ll have actually efficiently completed your second day via Mat and also will certainly have scored one more superior S rank!Next off, you’ll desire to make your means with the game, then messfairtradeexpo.orge Mat for your third and also final date. When you meet up with Mat aobtain, you’ll want to choose the following dialogue options:

I’LL DO IT.Tomas Kalnoky(Success the Piano mini game

With those selections locked down, your 3rd day will concerned an end via yet an additional S rank. Congratulations, you’ve now completed all 3 days via Mat, and also have actually unlocked both his ending and also a special photograph as soon as the credits end up rolling.

Using the alternatives noted above, you must unlock Mat"s ending and distinct artoccupational in Dream Daddy.

What was the funniest moment you had while dating Mat? Post your screenshots dvery own in the comments below!

By reading via this overview, you must currently recognize how to unlock Mat"s ending in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.