Dream Daddy Craig Date 2

All of the dialogue choices and actions needed to get Craig"s ending in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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If you’re looking to fully finish Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, you’ll need to recognize just how to gain Craig’s finishing. Craig is a pretty straightforward man, and the quickest means to his heart is with physical activity. However, beneath Craig’s buff exterior hides a proud, devoted father via a soft heart.

If you’re having a difficult time winning Craig over, no concerns, we’ve gained you covered. Below, you’ll uncover the steps required to acquire Craig’s ending in Dream Daddy.

Dream Daddy - How to Get Craig’s Ending

The first step towards acquiring on Craig"s great side in Dream Daddy is hitting the gym via him at 6am.

The first action in getting Craig’s finishing in Dream Daddy is to remain house and also sleep, quite than heading out to watch “the Game.” When you wake up, you’ll obtain a messfairtradeexpo.orge from Craig inviting you to the gym. You’ll want to accept his invitation and also head out to the gym. Once you meet up with Craig, you’ll want to select the complying with responses:

With your assist, I am.Training to crush people’s skulls via his thighs.I love finding out.

While hanging out through Craig at the gym isn’t an main day, it is great to begin earning points through him at an early stfairtradeexpo.orge. After you complete up at the gym, you deserve to select whichever before responses you like until you get to the backyard barbeque. There, you’ll want to choose the choice to talk to Mat, Hugo, and also Craig. After that, select the prompt to talk to Craig fairly than Mat and also Hugo.

The response to Craig’s question about your home doesn’t seem to matter, though he responds ideal to, “The brand-new house is perfect!” With that out of the method, proceed to head directly for the burger time alternative. After that, your options don’t matter until you acquire to the Dadbook area.

Your Dadbook answers won"t issue as soon as it concerns getting the Craigfinishing in Dream Daddy.

fairtradeexpo.orget, we haven’t figured out whether or not your Dadbook responses count towards your interactions with each dad. Nonetheless, right here are the finest “Craig” answers we could uncover in Dadbook. Feel free to pick whichever before you favor if you don’t prefer the choices below.

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Fall asleep watching the History Channel (Craig privately likes the History Channel).I don’t require anything. My survival skills have actually trained me for now.Tennis shoes via long white socks.Pro skater who is additionally an astronaut.Anything on LaserDisc.Eating a healthy and balanced dinner at 4pm.I commonly forgain my phone, tricks, and also wallet at home, occasionally.How proud I am of my boy.

With that out of the method, you’ll desire to choose the option to messfairtradeexpo.orge Craig out of the list of available dads. His date contains a softround complement, the dialogue choice in the direction of Amanda doesn’t show up to count in the direction of your day score, nor does the option at the pizza location.

Furthermore, you’ll want to ask him about his kids, softround, and also organization. The order doesn’t matter, just be certain you ask him about all three. After that, you’ll want to pick the adhering to dialogue options:

The best perboy will certainly come along inevitably.I mean…
Using the options provided above, you must obtain an S rank on your initially date with Craigin Dream Daddy.

After that, you’ll have successfully completed your first day with Craig and will certainly have scored an outstanding S rank! After that, you’ll want to make your means with the game, then messfairtradeexpo.orge Craig for your second date. When you arrive at the park, you’ll desire to select the adhering to dialogue options:

Yeah!Select the shortest “Ugh” choices.(Be certain to save the game before in search of River’s capybara).Go to the playground.Interrogate Joseph.That sounds a small suspect, Joseph.No (yes).Try to calm River down.Move to one more component of the park.Go to the field.Interrogate River.Good cop.Go to the woods.Interrogate Robert.Bad cop.Go deeper right into the woods.Yes.Grimy brunch.Gotta treat yourself.

After that, you’ll have actually successfully completed your second date with Craig and also will have scored an exceptional S rank!

Using the options detailed over, you need to acquire an S rank on your seconddate via Craigin Dream Daddy.

Next off, you’ll desire to make your means through the game, then messfairtradeexpo.orge Craig for your third and also last date. When you meet up via Craig aacquire, you’ll want to select the complying with dialogue options:

Such a gentleguy.Tbelow won’t be.Look at Craig’s butt.Let’s put on a display.I’ll race you to the top.You recognize it!Go overboard with compliments.Hell yeah, bro.
Using the alternatives detailed above, you have to unlockCraig"s finishing and one-of-a-kind artwork-related in Dream Daddy.

With those selections locked down, your third day will certainly concerned an end through yet an additional S rank. Congratulations, you’ve currently completed all three days through Craig, and have unlocked both his finishing and a unique photograph as soon as the credits finish rolling.

What was the funniest minute you had actually while dating Craig? Article your screenshots dvery own in the comments below!

By analysis with this guide, you must now know just how to unlock Craig"s finishing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.