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We think in motivating greatness and unlocking the true potential of your human being via practical finding out experiences for people and organisations

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Great leadership provides a difference. Find Out and construct management strengths that empower world and also organisations.

I know all the facilitators and also administration and also TP management functioned really hard to make this possible. I want to thank every one of you, because I learnt so much even more than I expected from the program, it was so much fun and also I’m absolutely a better leader and also a various person after the routine. I’ll save using eincredibly possibility to improve.”

TP Student of the LEAD Induction camp programme

“Lee Fong is an essential trainer for Leadership Challenge for Bank of Singapore, a flagship program for leaders within the Bank and also is personally helmed by the CEO of our organization. She is well-versed via the leadership challenge principles as she is able to articulate the ideas and share the principles with the participants in a clear as well as basic to understand manner. She strives to provide us via great study sources to substantiate the leadership primary and is a dedicated trainer. These additional materials attract parallels to the ethos of the 10 behavioral statements and also help to bring to life exactly how these ethics are applicable to our day to day management actions. A fun and also engaging settings wright here participants connect with one an additional in a safe finding out environment.”

Stephenie Teo, Head, Learning & Growth of Bank of Singapore

“The mission statement of Lifeabilities Institute is “Empowering human being to lead their organisations and areas with affect by fanning right into flame the gifts in them.”In the 2 days CBC training I freshly had actually, I personally felt I was empowered. The trainers were able to accomplish me where I was at and also though my background & training is not in the corpoprice human being, they can “speak” my language & make the training exceptionally useful & applicable to what I execute & where I work-related. They made the training a fun discovering endure & developed a safe place & space for finding out & vulnerability.I extremely recommend Life Skills Institute: no issue whether you are in the corporate people, NGO or in non- earnings.

Averyl Constance Aeria, Life and Leadership Coach (YWAM Thailand)

"Excellent topics! Excellent Seminar! I wish all Singaporeans in our nation have the right to learn around this tool – then tbelow will certainly be no misenhance of tasks to maximise resources – for our younger generation to mitigate frustration during their thriving up years. Young adults can additionally excel in our nation with purpose.”

Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, 25-27 January 2015

“I would like to say "Thank you" for the good sharing of your expertise in the course. It"s one of the many wonderful and also engaging events that I have attended and also I have actually benefited lots from the course."

Ho Huk Wee, Learning & Development Manager/ Life Sciences Group, Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

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“Many type of SME owners deserve to relate that running a organization isn’t simple. Besides taking treatment of operations, cash flow, and looking out for brand-new methods, we still have to look after our groups – ensuring that they are urged and abundant. That’s A LOT of work!Thanks to the wonderful trainers at Lifeabilities, we’re on to an excellent begin to structure a strong society. No regrets attfinishing the course. In truth, if you’re looking to scale your team, this course is a MUST-GO, else you might be making a grave mistake!”

Marcus Ho, Director of Social Metric

"After going through the CBC course, I"ve discovered numerous methods to enhance many kind of components of my service. For instance, I"ve learnt just how to hire even more suitable world based upon their personality type and also task description. Many type of at times, we hire based eligibility (job-related endure, etc.), however the ONE THING that we tfinish to overlook is the SUITABILITY of the individual.Thanks to the wonderful trainers at Lifeskills, we"re on to an excellent begin to structure a strong society. No regrets attfinishing the course. In truth, if you"re looking to scale your team, this course is a MUST-GO, else you may be making a grave mistake!"

Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant

“The explacountries of trainers were the majority of useful and understanding. Their knowledge in counoffering included width and also understanding to the topic. Their experiences and stories were the majority of exciting too! The logistics (Who Am I Cards, write-up its) were the majority of useful for my own discovering also. Trainers provided suggestions regarding how we have the right to write-up some concerns to help analyse the graphs with our clients. “

Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, 21-23 June 2016

“Trainers helped with well and also engaged the audience via their authenticity, openness and desire to share understanding. They went past their additional mile to ensure discovering is not only effective yet coherent. They likewise contextualised finding out incredibly well to the participants, resonating and connecting effectively to let us uncover many kind of AHH! moments. They truly reflect the worth that "we do not teach content, we teach people!! "Thank you, Ian & Lee Fong, it was hours well spent. Learning from your experiences and specialization.”

Certified Stress Management Consultant, 14-15 May 2014

“The useful application of abilities learnt Interactive activities/games make the programme fun. Small course size allows for closer interactivity among participants and also with facilitators.”

HR Manager, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital

“Thank you for this supportive session. Hope to have even more of such conversations. It is enlightening to hear from the trainers’ (Ian and Sarah) their experiences, especially in taking care of via their very own kids, and citing/sharing other encounters through the girls. When institution starts, possibly the institution will organise challenge to confront sessions for just the girls alone yet hope that there have the right to be more webinar sessions organised with world in the particular professions so that we (parental fees and also girls together) have the right to learn from their journey, learn from their scope of job-related so that they have the right to serve as enabler for us paleas to talk to the girls as well.”

Parent of an RGS student

"Dear Ian and Lee Fong,Thank you exceptionally much for sharing your field of expertise and also facilitating 2 good workshops that have actually no doubt enhanced the collaboration in between the team. It has actually taught us to adopt our distinctions and in fact, confirmed exactly how differences are vital so that we are more well well balanced and well rounded as a team. Unity in diversity.Looking forward to stronger cooperation and also looking forward to when our courses will cross again.With deep and sincere gratitude"

Tan Chuan How, CEO - AIA FA

“I came with little bit expertise of DISC. At first once the lesson started off by asking around guessing that is DISC or attached to certain situation/character to DISC, I was lost. Only after the explanation, I could relate better. All the trainers were awesome. I was involved throughout excellent sharing as I really learnt a lot. Thank you for the difficult occupational.”

Certified Behavioural and also Career Consultant, 25-27 January 2015