Online courses are a convenient choice for busy students. You might also desire to complete your entire level online if you are an older student or functioning full-time. In the majority of instances, you have the right to arrangement your own schedule and occupational about your life. Keep reading to watch what your digital discovering alternatives are at DePaul College.On this page you will find:Online Bachelor’s DegreesOnline Master’s DegreesOnline Student BreakdownIncorporated Student TotalsUndergraduate Degree SeekersUndergraduate Non-Degree Seekers

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All Online Students at DePaul

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Of the 22,437 students at DePaul College, 28.71% (6,441) took at leastern one class digital.About 8.18% (1,835) took every one of their courses digital.Those students who took classes solely online were from the following places:


The table listed below reflects the complete variety of digital students at DePaul University for the last 5 years.YearTook at Least One Online ClassTook All Classes Online2017-20186,4411,8352016-20176,2781,8922015-20166,0891,8772014-20155,5621,7862013-20145,0931,759


The table listed below shows the complete number of digital undergraduate level students at DePaul College for the last five years.YearTook at Least One Online ClassTook All Classes Online2017-20184,3516092016-20174,3317302015-20164,1206852014-20153,8446842013-20143,335654

Online Undergraduate Non-Degree Seekers at DePaul