From 7 speeds to 24 speeds and weight capacities from 250 pounds to 400 pounds, Day 6 provides bicycles that fit you and your way of living perfectly.

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$909 – $989

Our most economical bicycle via one shifter and also a rear derailleur for simplicity. Fantastic bicycle for flat to modeprice hills and also trails.

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$1029 – $1129

Our many popular bicycle, the Dream24 has actually 24 speeds to take you virtually all over.


$1219 – $1329

A well-known bicycle for anyone not comfortable using a derailleur, this Day 6 is equipped with a low maintenance, basic shifting internal 7 rate hub.




$1369 – $1519

All the legendary comfort and ergonomics of a Day 6 via the toughness to carry riders as much as 400 pounds!


“I tried out the Day 6 and it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for, superb comfort, excellent low rate taking care of, straightforward to bop on & off curbs. Thanks for the moment spent on the phone. I truly hope your organization takes off bereason, for what I desire in a bike, you’re making the best bike I’ve ridden.”

Doug in MI

“Thank you for creating and structure a great bicycle, the Dream8. I had actually ridden road bikes many of my life. Once I hit 60 years of age, that type of bike was no much longer a viable choice. The Dream8 has actually graced my garage for 2 months now, and also I am thoaround enjoying ownership of this miracle. It is incredibly comfortable and also does not induce any of those “aches” that my road bikes did. I am “out in the wind” aacquire and ago to a continuous work-out regime. Thanks aget.”

Bob in Florida

“I finally acquired a day without rain yesterday and also went for a short ride with my grandchild. This is the the majority of comfortable bike I have ever before ridden! Absolutely love it!! I am a 66 year old grandma who loves to bike ride! Thank you for producing a well made comfortable bike.”