Since cost-free digital courses initially took off ago in late 2011, even more than 7,000 digital courses have been created by over 700 universities international.

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But practically a third of these courses are listed as “finished” on Class Central. This suggests that we don’t recognize as soon as (or if) these courses will ever before be available aobtain.

Last year, we shed a couple of hundred of these courses when Coursera shut down their old innovation platcreate.

Some of these courses have actually come back, or even migrated to a various course platdevelop. But many of the courses have actually been offline for years and, in many situations, course platcreates have removed the summary peras for the courses from their websites. It’s favor they never before existed. A few of these courses have actually thousands of reviews on Class Central and also were taken by hundreds of thousands of learners.

Luckily, Class Central has actually an practically complete background of all the courses that have actually ever before been readily available. I combed through all the finimelted courses and also made a list of a couple of well-known courses. Wbelow possible, I will recommend an alternate resource to obtain accessibility to the course videos.

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior via Dan Ariely

If you choose to read write-ups or listen to podcasts around economics, you can understand who Dan Ariely is. He is a Professor of Psychology and also Behavidental Economics at Duke University, and also is regularly used as the topic matter “expert” in media. He is fairly a renowned number — his TED talk has been watched by over salso million people, and also he has written multiple New York Times bestsellers.

Back in March 2013, Dan Ariely likewise introduced a hugely renowned course on Coursera entitled A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior. The course page no much longer exists on Coursera, however you deserve to uncover it on Class Central right here. It was last available in March 2014 and has actually over 500 reviews on Class Central — and also nearly every one of them are 5 star reviews. In truth it is still the highest possible rated course in psychology on Class Central.

You deserve to review on Quora why the course was taken dvery own.

Wbelow to uncover the course materials?

Another Quora user has actually backed up the course products. You deserve to uncover week 1 — week 5 here and week 6 right here. If you search on YouTube you will likewise find a number of talks provided by Dan Ariely. These are not videos from the course, yet there can be some overlap.

2. CS188.1x: Artificial Intelligence

It was disappointing to see this edX course taken down. UC Berkeley’s CS188.1X is among Class Central’s Top 50 digital courses of all time, and also the #2 highest possible rated course on our Artificial Intelligence subject page. We even publiburned a 1,100 word thorough review for this course. Here is what the reviewer (Mal Minhas) had actually to say:

“It is not simply the ideal course on AI ever made obtainable online. It is the best course ever before made obtainable on any kind of subject.”

According to Mal, CS188.1x was an extremely demanding and also difficult course, however it was likewise rewarding. Here is a GIF of one of Mal’s task subgoals.


You need to seriously consider reading Mal’s whole testimonial to learn about this impressive course that you will certainly never before acquire to endure.

Where to discover the course materials?

Just kidding. The professors of the course have actually made all the course products obtainable on their webwebsite.

3. Social Psychology

This is another very famous psychology course. In reality, it’s the #3 rated psychology course on Class Central. Launched in August 2013, Social Psychology has been taken by more than half a million learners global. The course as soon as boasted the single biggest course session in the world, with 250k learners enrolled. Even in the heyday of free virtual courses, this number was pretty impressive.

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The instructor of the course, Scott Pious, is Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Wesleyan College. He is also the founder of the Social Psychology Netjob-related (SPN), the world’s largest online community dedicated to social psychology.

The course went dvery own once Coursera shut dvery own their old platform last year.

Wright here to discover the course materials?

An previously version of the article pointed to a different course uploaded to Academic Torrents. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to discover an alternate source for Social Psychology.

Update: Mohammad Yasser has uploaded Social Psychology videos to Google Drive. Thanks Mohammad Yasser.

4. A Short History of Humankind

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli historian and also a tenured professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Like Dan Ariely, you can come across him in mainstream publications.

A quick search on Google News mirrors a number of mentions for Dr. Yuval Noah Harari.

He is the author of a variety of publications, consisting of the highly rated Sapiens: A Brief History of Humansort. According to Amazon Author Beta, which ranks authors, Dr. Yuval is the #3 writer for background. Wouldn’t it be exceptional to be able to take a course directly from such a well-known and also mainstream figure?

The last time you can perform that remained in August 2014, once the course was offered on Coursera. His course, A Short History of Humansort, is an additional highly-rated course on Class Central that we might never see again. You have the right to inspect out the syllabus by visiting the course page on Class Central. Lecture 17 is entitled “Lecture 17: The End of Homo Sapiens.”

Wbelow to discover the course materials?

You don’t have to break the legislation to obtain accessibility to the course products for this one. Dr, Yuval has uploaded the course on YouTube. below is the attach to the playlist.

5. 6. 7. Natural Language Processing (3 courses)

This course might too be dubbed Defence Against the Dark Arts. For some reason, tbelow have been three iterations of the Natural Language Processing course on Coursera, and also none of them are accessible appropriate now. Here is the list of these 3 courses.

Where to find the course materials?

Each of these courses can be uncovered in two places: YouTube and Academic Torrents. The advantage of Academic Torrents is that you deserve to likewise downfill the supplementary course materials, favor transcripts, PDFs, or PPTs.

8. A History of the World because 1300 / Global History Lab

This Princeton University course has actually an interesting background (hah!). It been available on three various platforms. First it was offered on Coursera in September 2012 under the name A History of the World given that 1300. In September 2014 it moved to NovoEd, and it was referred to as Global History Lab. Finally, it showed up on edX in September 2016. Maybe Professor Adelguy likes to offer this course eincredibly two years. The materials might have actually adjusted partly or completely in between these iterations of the course.

Where to find the course materials?

Unfortunately, I can not discover the course products. If you deserve to find it, leave a comment listed below. If you still have access to the edX iteration of the course, probably you can create a playlist of the videos. EdX hosts all their videos on YouTube in unprovided mode. You can’t search for them, however if you have actually access to them then you deserve to develop a playlist and also let us know in the comments below :)

9. Startup Engineering

Startup Engineering is a Stanford course that “Bridges the gap in between academic computer scientific research and manufacturing software engineering.”

It was available as soon as on Coursera, ago in June 2013. The course is taught by Balaji S. Srinivasan; he was CTO and co-founder of Counsyl, a genomics startup that began in a Stanford dorm room and also currently tests ~4% of all U.S. births. Early this year he was additionally thought about by the Trump administration to lead the FDA (yes, Balaji hates the FDA). Right now, he is a board member at VC firm A16Z and a CEO/co-founder at 21.co.

The course had another instructor, Dr. Vijay Pande, a professor at Stanford, yet it looks favor all the videos in the course feature Balaji.

Wright here to find the course materials?

You can discover all the videos of the course in this playlist on YouTube.

I’m sure I missed the majority of courses. Do let me know in the comments if your favorite course has disappeared from the digital course platforms.