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Years in Business: 21

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Years in Business: 21

Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of Rating

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In February of 2018, I purchased 15 bundles of 24 inch I-reminder hair extensions for $1,800. I have actually been making use of Dreamcatchers for 8 years at that allude and though I have proficient modeprice shade fading via the darker hair, I never had actually anything terribly significant till this purchase. The bundles I purchased were the 2 darkest browns the agency sells (just point darker is black). Within 2 to 3 weeks complying with installation, I noticed SIGNIFICANT fading to my extensions. My stylist (who is certified with Dreamcatchers) contacted customer company and also was told the just way they might relocation the hair was for me to have the hair removed, sent earlier to the agency and that the firm would need to send it ago to the area wright here it is produced (hair is genuine yet is put together/colored at a factory). CS explained that the procedure could take approximately 12 weeks. When my stylist asked what her client (me) can wear in her hair in the interim, she was told I would need to purchase an additional 15 bundles. I invested $1,800 initially, absolutely did not have a secondary $1,800 to spfinish and obviously did not want to go upwards 12 weeks without any kind of hair on my head. My stylist and also I were left with no alternative but to shade the defective extensions which price me a substantial amount of money ($300). I posted a video through YouTube of the extensions having actually to be colored. Chris (owner) oboffered the video, got to out to me and apologized for the defect. Chris stated that he would sfinish me 12 (not 15) brand brand-new bundles if I removed the video yet, he would still charge me $300 for the exreadjust. I agreed yet I did not have the $300 at that time. In good belief, I took the video down however reportedly, there was still a copy that remained. Eventually, the last copy of the video was rerelocated. At the end of the day, I passist $1,800 for defective hair, spent $300 in an attempt to repair it and Chris & his asst., Merissa, have actually done nopoint to rectify the worry or uphold the company"s warranty.…Read More