I'm just curious if anyone has actually ever experienced anypoint odd or scary at Disneyland also. I have never before skilled any ghold stories however at night on some rides I can't aid it but acquire a weird vibe. I love the area however have heard of many deaths tright here and also parents leaving their children's ashes. Anyone is welconcerned comment about creepy stories, deaths, and or personal experiences.

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My finest friends little bit sister used to clean New Orleans Square after the park was closed. She shelp it was super creepy, and the lowest seniority actors member is the one to go with and clean the Haunted Mansion because no one else desires to.

Oddly enough, I completely think there is something in the air at Disney. But I don't think it's creepy or malicious--I fairly honestly can feel Walt Disney's presence throughout Disneyland. I like to think that eincredibly happy minute spent tright here is someexactly how communicated to him, wherever before he may be.

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Used to work Haunted Mansion in attractions. Can verify that the area is exceptionally spooky, however that's what the imagineers wanted! The environment is so spooky that no matter just how much I told myself tright here was nopoint tbelow, I would certainly constantly spook myself.

That being said, once we closed for the night tright here was always at leastern 3 people functioning (typically more, however 3 is the minimum we could have). One perchild would be at the tower watching the camperiods, one at the departure, and also the other would be going from the entrance and also walking human being to the pack zone. After closing, we would certainly leave one perchild at the tower to do closing paperwork-related and also the others would walk the track to look for trash and make sure every little thing was working. I never competent it myself, yet tbelow were times wbelow the perkid at tower would certainly have the ability to see 3 shadows walking the track, but just 2 world would come earlier at the finish. One of the widening rooms is supposedly haunted (the one on the left? it's been so long!). You'll be coming back up in it and also you'll start hearing what sounds favor the audio playing backwards and also super low, but considering that the audio is totally digital, that shouldn't happen. But of course, after hearing this story I would get creepy vibes while in tbelow.

Also, not spooky, more of a coincidence, but there was always the legend of Timmy, a tiny boy with a blue baseball cap and red (?) hair running roughly in the area. I was going up the exist ramp and a coworker was dealing with backwards talking to me and also he stopped and also pointed to the bottom of the ramp. At the base, hiding behind the trashdeserve to, was a small boy via a blue baseround cap crouching, prefer little bit kids do when they think they're entirely hiding yet super obviously visible. Now, I cannot tell you how many type of youngsters at Disneyland also have caps on, yet I'm sure it's in the thousands. But it was just so eerie seeing basically the specific summary of a gorganize child doing somepoint choose this, all the while no parents were in search of their child or trying to communicate through him. While I do not think it was Timmy, I found it to be a great coincidence.