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CHILDHOOD LOVE SERIES BOOK 2 it have the right to be read as a standalone . "Do you also care for me? " the girl sassist via fire in her eyes . Armaan retained standing tbelow, n...

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Aiguys Khan a bubbly girl with an ambition of living the life to the fullest. she loves her household to the core. But what happens when an incident alters her personality...

~ Zindagi or kuch nahi.. Bas! Teri meri kahani hai..~ (life is nothing! But! A story of yours and mine!) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (OFFICIAL SPIN OFF Of "She Was Made For Him" b...
Collection of conventional love stories. محفل میں باربار انہی پر نظر گئی ہم نے بچائی لاکھ مگر پھر ادھر گئی