Corporals Course Online


The Corporals Course distance education and learning regime (DEP) gives students with the standard knowledge and also skills essential to become effective small-unit leaders utilizing realistic problem-based cases that a Naval corporal will certainly encounter.

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This DEP is a MarineNet self-paced curriculum (EPME4000AA) divided right into salso subcourses.

This subcourse teaches about the complexities of battle and operational culture, raising the student"s familiarity through the techniques and also ideas of maneuver warfare and also their application at the fire team and squad level. It is composed of 2 lessons: Warfighting and also Operational Culture.

This subcourse provides the foundational expertise pertained to issuing hand also and arm signals, conducting patrols and instant activity drills, and submitting patrol reports. These abilities are the basic structure of offensive operations. It consists of 5 lessons: The Naval Rifle Squad, Conducting Combat Patrols, Immediate Actions of a Patrol, Improvised Explosive Devices, and also Submitting Patrol Reports.

This subcourse teaches around issuing combat orders to convey a plan and also mission important information in a clear and also concise manner in order to attain a mission. It consists of 4 lessons and also a helpful exercise: Overview to Combat Orders, Troop Leading Steps, Order Types and Characteristics, Issuing a Combat Order, and also the Squad Leader"s Order helpful exercise.

This subcourse teaches about the fundamentals of protective operations, consisting of the reliable use of cover, camouflage, and concealment. It describes the steps to create a fire team and also squad defense and also provides details concerning the production of a range card and also a fire arrangement sketch. It is composed of 3 lessons: Fundamentals of Cover, Camouflage, and Concealment; Creating a Range Card; and Creating a Fire Plan Sketch.

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This subcourse teaches how to usage a map, a compass, and also a protractor to navigate about obstacles and with unfamiliar terrain. As the student establishes their navigation abilities, they will gain the confidence to lead a fire team or squad through unacquainted terrain and arrive at their designated objective. It is composed of 2 lessons: Reading a Map and Reading a Lensatic Compass.

This subcourse teaches about substantial historical occasions in Naval Corps background, reinpressures organizational core values, and also better establishes management fundamentals that will aid students construct as noncommissioned officers of Marines. It consists of 3 lessons: History of the Marine NCO, Developing the NCO, and Developing Leadership Fundamentals.

This subcourse teaches the student just how to encourage good performance in their Marines, and how to correct deficiencies. They will certainly additionally learn to reinpressure leadership attributes that will certainly allow your Marines to assume significantly better duties. It consists of four lessons: Counseling Subordinate Marines, Mentoring Subordinate Marines, Proficiency and also Conduct, and also The Promovement System.


The Corporals Course DEP is available to lance corporals and over that have completed the Leading Marines DEP. It is a PME requirement for promotion from corpdental to sergeant.

Completion Benefits

Higher Education

The Amerideserve to Council on Education (ACE) recommends 3 lower-division bachelor"s or associate level credits for the completion of both the Leading Marines DEP and the Corporals Course DEP.


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