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My personal statement when I was applying for literature levels was made up of texts from throughout the world.

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It contained Chaucer, but additionally Ibsen, Zola, Ovid, Margaret Atlumber. It occurred that at a university interview I was asked why I didn’t desire to examine foreign literature rather of English literature. I was stumped. Now, in my last year of doing a Comparative Literature BA at King’s, I can say the intersee had gotten it very appropriate. I can’t imagine myself not researching world literature. So, in instance you’re in the same position I was, here are the differences between English and Comparative Literature: 

Giovanna is researching her last year of Comparative Literature BA

Comparative Literature courses emphasis more on foreign messages quite than just English literary works.  

While Comparative Literature courses encompass English texts, they also emphasis on messages that were not initially created in English. By the time I finished one semester at King’s, I had already studied literature from five continents! As such, the course incorpoprices discussions pertinent to translation researches, globalization, and also the global literary industry.  

Consequently, comparative literature courses communicate with more human being background, national politics, and also philosophy.

You can imagine that if you’re going to be discovering around texts from a new country ever before week, a hefty chunk of a course will be dedicated to offering a crash course on that country’s history, politics, and thoughtful outlooks.

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Comparative Literature pertains to ask substantial concerns on topics choose nationalism, decolonization, and discrimicountry in its miscellaneous develops.  

Comparative Literature permits a cshed analysis of assorted perspectives throughout countries and societies, and also just how this is demonstrated via literature, various other publications and also also media

Comparative Literature emphasizes comparison; throughout various artistic mediums, across different disciplines, throughout various nations.

While not eincredibly assessment and also class has a compulsory comparative aspect to it, the King’s Comparative Literature department loves to encourage its students to compare literatures from various countries and to compare literary works to different artistic mediums. A module on Ethiopian literature could enable you to comparatively study Ethiopian approach, essays contextualizing Ethiopian background, Ethiopian paints, and also more! You find yourself complimentary to compare operas to brief stories and brief stories to films.  

Comparative Literature is multilingual, while English is monolingual.  

Though English Literature courses deserve to job-related with World Englishes, Comparative Literature courses are much even more likely to be multilingual. By meaning, you are researching literature from various nations, so you are encouraged to learn langueras to have the ability to read some messages in their original language. The King’s course no longer has a language necessity and also always offers a translation of the messages being studied. However before, it is always valuable for students to review originals if they choose to perform so!

Comparative literature provides students favor me through more devices to understand other societies on their terms and also, wright here feasible, in their languages. The area, really emerging in the second fifty percent of the twentieth century, is so brand-new that it stays exceedingly functional so it’s truly being characterized by the students and those that interact through this location of academia. If your personal statement consists of even more foreign literature than English and you’re interested in literary works within a globalized, politicized conmessage, consider the rewards of researching Comparative Literature at a world-renowned university.  

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