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Exam Dates, Deadlines, Fees

Fall 2021 Exam Dates: July 15 – October 15, 2021

Early-Bird Application Dates & Fees

Application Dates: May 17 – July 15, 2021Application Fee: $135 Member; $135 NonmemberExam Fee: $300 Member; $350 NonmemberTotal: $435 Member; $485 Nonmember

Regular Application Dates & Fees

Application Dates: July 16 – September 30, 2021Application Fee: $135 Member; $200 NonmemberExam Fee: $325 Member; $400 NonmemberTotal: $460 Member; $600 Nonmember


Prepare for the Exam


Certification suggests that I am a expert in clinical research study and validays and sets the bar for what that implies.

Marian Fisher, RN, CCRC, CRCPACRP Certified Due to the fact that 2006


Certification lets other in the market know that you are committed to your profession, ethics, and top quality.

Roxanne Kujanson, RN, CCRP, CCRC, CCRAACRP Certified Since 2004


Certification suggests you pick to stand acomponent from others in the market and also commit to the best methods in our field.

Cynthia Forrest, BBA, CCRCACRP Certified Because 2007


ACRP Certification demonstrates my commitment to upholding the civil liberties and also safety of clinical trial topics.

Deborah Lasher, CCRC, CCRAACRP Certified Because 1998


In our industry it’s renowned that being ACRP Certified is the means to be the ideal you can.

Leslie Byatt, CES, CCRCACRP Certified Due to the fact that 2006


Certification has signacaused colleagues a level of specialization and has permitted me to proceed to thrive and learn.

Robert J. Greco, BS, RPh, MPH, CCRAACRP Certified Due to the fact that 2002


Being a CCRA provides me a better clinical researcher and also that’s a really great feeling. Certification suggests I’m an accomplished skilled via the understanding needed to lead and inspire world-course groups of researchers.

Jennifer Davis, CCRAACRP Certified Since 2009


My CPI reflects I’m significant about clinical research and committed to results for CROs, sponsors, and volunteers.

Jeff Kingsley, DO, MBA, MS, CPI, FAAFPACRP Certified Since 2009


The CPI symbolizes my passion for the patient and also my commitment to honest and also professional criteria.

Daniel Weiss, MD, CPIACRP Certified 2011

Exam Content

What is a CRA?

A CRA (clinical research associate; additionally generally recognized as a monitor) supervises, monitors, and also supports the management and progression of a clinical trial on behalf of a sponsor. The sponsor, whose intent is the research of pharmaceuticals, biologics, or gadgets, may employ these people either directly or indirectly using contract research organizations (CROs), or as independent consultants or contractors.

Explore the ‘Eligibility for Your Exam’ tab below to testimonial complete eligibility demands.

Exam Content

The exam content is based on present exercise in clinical study and was identified by an international job evaluation.

The exam is referenced to the Internationwide Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Guidelines. Other than the ICH Guidelines, no other regulatory framework is tested.

The exam assesses your proficiency of the body of expertise required and the application of that knowledge in the conduct of your project duties and also responsibilities.

Scientific Concepts and also Research DesignEthical and Participant Safety ConsiderationsProduct Development and also RegulationClinical Trial Operations (GCPs)Study and also Site ManagementData Management and also Informatics

Each question on the exam is based on this outline; therefore, one have to examine this outline and also especially take into consideration the underlying knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perdevelop as a CRA to prepare for the exam.

Handbook & Detailed Content Outline




The exam is referenced to the Internationwide Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Guidelines. Other than the ICH Guidelines, no various other regulatory structure is tested. The exam does not cover country-certain (FDA, EMA, and so on.) regulations.

The exam does not test how you or your employer carries out those duties. The exam tests your knowledge and application of that expertise, which is compelled to perform in your function safely and also effectively. The complying with are the only references for which the ACRP Certification exam content deserve to be supported:

Guideline for Good Clinical Practice E6(R2)Definitions and also Standards for Expedited Reporting E2AGeneral Considerations for Clinical Trials E8Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials E9Clinical Trials in Pediatric Population E11, andThe Declaration of Helsinki (DoH).

Also accessible at the official webpages for the ICH Guidelines and also the Declaration of Helsinki.

Exam Abbreviation List

The Abbreviations List offers the full wording for abbreviations used on the exam. The list is obtainable on each screen throughout the exam.

How Are Exams Developed?

To learn more around just how the DCOs and exams are arisen, visit How Are Certification Exams Developed? and watch the ACRP Certification Handbook.

Exam Format

The exam consists of 125 multiple-option concerns (25 of these questions are pre-test items and perform not affect a candidate’s score. These items are not figured out to candidates).

Candidays are presented with a question and are asked to select the single best answer from the four options gave. Only one answer is correct.

The questions test knowledge at the recall, application, and evaluation level, not just a recitation of facts. Some concerns usage hypothetical scenarios.

The exam content is based on a process of professional peer evaluation, percreated by the Global Certification Exam Committees. There are no “trick” concerns on the exam, and also tbelow is no penalty for guessing.


The exams are administered at computer terminals at secure trial and error centers or online by means of remote proctoring. Each candidate is offered a brief tutorial on navigating the exam before the official begin time. Each candiday is enabled a maximum of 3 (3) hours to complete the 125 questions. Questions deserve to be skipped, marked for review, and also went back to at any kind of time before submitting the exam for scoring. Results are offered upon the conclusion of the exam.


The Exam is provided in English.

Exam candidays may carry a hard-copy (Electronic dictionaries are not permitted) English-German/ Spanish/ Chinese/ Hindi/ and so on. translation only (word-to-word) dictionary to the exam. Dictionaries containing any word interpretations or various other extraneous maremperors are strictly prohibited. The dictionary will be inspected by the proctor before and after the exam is completed. Any attempt to damage the exam will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the site, invalidation of the exam score, and possible legal activity. No added time is offered to those using a translation dictionary.

CRA Certification Eligibility Requirements

In order to be deemed eligible for the CRA Certification exam, applicants need to attest to having actually earned 3,000 hrs of skilled suffer percreating the knowledge and also jobs situated in the 6 content areas of the CRA Detailed Content Overview. Any suffer older than ten years will certainly not be thought about.

Scientific Concepts and also Research DesignEthical and also Participant Safety ConsiderationsProduct Development and RegulationClinical Trial Operations (GCPs)Study and also Site ManagementFile Management and also Informatics

The ACRP Certification Handbook has finish indevelopment on eligibility requirements.

Substitution for Work Experience Requirements

Applicants might utilize one option below as a valid substitute for hrs of work suffer. Under no circumstance will certainly an applicant be allowed to use even more than one substitution for the same application.

Clinical Research Certifications (Option 1)

ACRP acknowledges that tbelow is a mutual understanding base between CCRC, CPI, and ACRP-CP designation holders and also those that seek the CCRA desigcountry. Any candiday for the CCRA desigcountry that has actually a present CCRC, CPI, or ACRP-CP desigcountry will certainly have actually achieved a valid substitute for 1,500 hours of the compelled skilled endure for the CRA exam.

Clinical Research Education Programs (Option 2)

If an applicant wishes to submit an application making use of a clinical research degree routine as a substitute for 1,500 hours of CRA job-related experience, then the following information have to be contained on the applicant’s CV and the degree should additionally be submitted:

Name of schoolCity and country in which the institution is locatedProgram titleName of company that accredits the college giving the programDates attfinished (e.g., From-To)

Contact certification to confirm if your regimen qualifies before submitting.

If you have actually figured out that you satisfy the eligibility criteria, the next action is to submit an application via payment.

Eligibility Rewatch Process

The eligibility evaluation procedure includes determining completeness of the application and also determining whether or not the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for the exam. This process starts within one week of receiving the application and may take up to two weeks to evaluation prior to any type of update is emailed.

ApplyReceive e-mail confirmationApplication enters eligibility review procedure within salso daysCheck your e-mail for any kind of reviewer requestsEligibility Review“Ineligible” outcome: applicant receives up to 3 levels of automatic review (each deserve to take seven days)Applicant might be asked for more documentationEligibility Determined“Eligible” candidates receive Eligibility Notice through ID number and also have to schedule exam appointment“Ineligible” applicants are refunded

It is not unexplained for an applicant to obtain a research for additional and/or clarifying indevelopment from an Eligibility Reviewer. These requests will certainly come using e-mail. Applicants will have salso (7) calendar days to respond to the repursuit. Applicants that execute not respond to the request for added or clarifying indevelopment will automatically have their applications established infinish and also therefore are ineligible to take the exam. Ineligible applicants will be refunded the exam fee only.

Confirmation of Eligibility and also Testing Information

If an applicant is figured out to be eligible after the application has actually been reviewed, the candidate will certainly be e-mailed an Eligibility Notice, with even more instructions as to just how to schedule his/her exam appointment.

Note: inspect your SPAM or Junk mail folder if you do not receive any alert within 14 days of using.

If an applicant is determined to be ineligible throughout initial testimonial, the application is automatically reperceived by a second reviewer. If the second reviewer additionally determines the applicant to be ineligible, the applicant is automatically discovered ineligible and also will certainly be refunded the exam fee. Applicants are notified through e-mail at each step of the evaluation via an explanation of the deficiency established.

If a third-level evaluation is necessary, the final determicountry will be made by the Certification Director. If the application is deemed ineligible, he/she have the right to pick to appeal to the Academy Board of Trustees.

Applicants uncovered to be ineligible who perform not initiate the Appeals procedure within the stipulated timeframework will automatically be refunded the exam fee.

See the ACRP Certification Handbook for finish details of the Eligibility Review Process.

When to Apply

After determining that you accomplish the eligibility requirements, you have to submit together the application, supporting documents, and full payment for a complete application.

Transferring to Next Exam Window

ACRP supplies a one-time deliver from the current exam providing to the next for a $50 fee. Tbelow are 2 situations in which candidates might take benefit of this:

If a candidate is established ineligible for the present exam window, yet will have actually met the eligibility needs by the following exam window; orIf an eligible candidate withdraws from taking the original exam for any kind of factor (as much as five <5> days prior to a scheduled exam appointment).

Transfers are used towards the next exam only. Transfer of eligibility and connected fees will certainly be used only to the original candidate and are not transferable to an additional perchild, even if phelp for by a third party. Exam fees are transferred towards the following exam only and not towards various other products or solutions.

If you pick to transport to the next exam home window for one of the two factors above, you should submit a request to transfer before the end of the exam home window for which you had initially applied. To submit a carry request, you should access your digital application and pick Request Exam Window Transfer.

If you have an exam appointment booked, you must first cancel it straight with Prometric prior to submitting your online request to transfer to the next exam home window. Fees, payable to Prometric straight, use for appointment cancellations made within thirty (30) to five (5) days before an appointment date and also perform not encompass carry fees phelp to ACRP. Cancellations are not allowed less than 5 (5) days prior to an appointment.

If a move candidate does not submit the repursuit before the end of the existing exam trial and error home window, then all funds originally submitted will certainly be forfeited. Transferring is not an option for re-examination candidates (from the previous exam cycle).

When a carry repursuit has been apshowed, all fees (application and exam fees) are used instantly at the start of the following application duration. All eligible transfer candidates will certainly receive an e-mail notification of Eligibility as soon as the Eligibility ID has actually been retriggered and an exam appointment have the right to be reserved. Contact certification if you did not obtain your new Eligibility Notice. Candidays that are compelled to submit documentation for subsequent eligibility review have to perform so at the begin of the next application duration.

View full policy on transfers, cancellation, no shows, refunds and also re-examicountry.

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If a candiday need to cancel an exam, the only portion of the complete amount submitted that will be refunded is the exam fee, offered that the repursuit for cancellation is obtained at leastern 5 (5) calendar days prior to a reserved exam appointment. Application fees are nonrefundable. Cancellation repursuits obtained after that time will not be honored. Refunds are not accessible to candidates who execute not schedule or attfinish the exam. Refund repursuits will be embraced only if made by the candiday.

Applicants that carry out not satisfy the eligibility requirements for the exam (i.e., those who are ineligible), or who are ineligible due to an incomplete application, will receive a remoney of the exam fee only, within 3 weeks of the final ineligibility notice.

Refund requests can be made by the candiday just. Employers sustaining a candidate’s fees cannot repursuit or receive a refund for fees paid to ACRP. Any refund will certainly be sent to the party who initially phelp for the exam. If payment was made by crmodify card, that card will certainly get the crmodify. If the payment was made by check, ACRP will mail a refund inspect to the original payer.

Contact us for any other refund inquiries.

Submitting Your Application and also Supporting Documents

Only applications obtained via forced sustaining documentation and also complete payment will certainly be welcomed. View the ACRP Certification Handbook for complete details, or check out the Application Checklist for useful tips.

Online Application

Payment Options: Crmodify Card, Check, or Bank/Wire Transfer

You will obtain an automatic email confirmation upon entry of application and also the adhering to documents:

CV/resume (signed and dated via date of application submission)Proof of EmploymentEducational program level (if applicable)

Upload files as part of the digital application.

Applications schosen for audit will undergo a thostormy eligibility evaluation procedure. A second email confirms that the application was got by ACRP and also is being ready for the Eligibility Resee procedure. Please permit up to 10 days to receive your eligibility email alert.

How to Make Your Exam Appointment

Once you have actually been determined eligible you need to schedule an appointment to take the exam within the exam day selection. View experimentation locations at or by phone.

1. Obtain Eligibility ID Number

Receive your eligibility notification through email

2. Make Your Appointment

Select place, day, and time

3. Keep Your Appointment Confirmation

Resee and also print your confirmation. Use it if you should cancel or reschedule your appointment

Exams are booked via Prometric, ACRP’s experimentation partner, and also may be taken at about 600 testing centers worldwide. Only candidates figured out to be eligible will certainly receive an Eligibility Notice instantly following the Eligibility Rewatch process.

This crucial notification includes a Prometric ID number, the Prometric Exam Scheduling web attend to, and also instructions for scheduling a personal exam appointment. Candidates choose the trial and error facility, exam date, and time on a first-come, first-served basis.

For in-depth assistance with selecting your test center, view Exam Sites.

Services for People via Disabilities: For questions concerning accommodation, see the Policy on Special Accommodations and also Research Form.

Rescheduling or Canceling Your Appointment

Rescheduling or cancelling your exam appointment (test facility location, date, or time) is allowed by Prometric as much as five (5) days before your scheduled appointment. Appointments may just be rebooked within the exact same exam home window. Fees are connected through appointment alters. If you have to cancel, and also do not arrangement to reschedule an exam appointment, you may be eligible for a remoney. Rescheduling or cancelling is not allowed within 5 (5) days of an appointment.

To reschedule, cancel, or carry find full details (contact information, deadlines, fees, and also repursuits forms) in the ACRP Certification Handbook.


If a candiday will certainly be unable to save his/her exam appointment due to an emergency case that arises within 5 (5) days before his/her exam day, the candidate is compelled to submit an Emergency Cancellation Form and main documentation to ACRP at certification This information have to be received up to seven (7) calendar days after the candidate’s booked exam day. The following cases will be considered through documentation:

Emergency room visit or hospitalizationSevere clinical condition requiring hospitalizationDeath of an prompt family members member (e.g., spouse, child/dependent, parent, grandparent, sibling)Call to energetic military dutyJury duty

View full Policy on Transfers, Cancellation, No Shows, Refunds and Re-Examicountry.

Testing Requirements

There are strict requirements for arrival, identification, obtainable resources, exam protection, and behavior during the exam. It is the exam candidate’s obligation to be conscious of the test facility regulations and also compelled habits.

For complete details, view the ACRP Certification Handbook (Section: Taking the Exam).

Become acquainted with the following prior to you go:

Appointment Confirmation: Bring a copy. It consists of the resolve and phone variety of the experimentation facility.Ideal Identification: To accessibility a secure trial and error facility you, have to current proper identification. Also, name transforms (because of marriage, for example) are common, however have the right to proccasion a candiday accessibility to the exam if not appropriately presented. Improper Identification is the most widespread factor our candidays are denied to the exam.Expected Arrival Time: If the candidate is late by 15 minutes or even more, the test center will certainly deny a candidate access.Security Screening: The test facility is serious about security.Items Permitted/Not PermittedResources Available at the Test Center: A few sources are gave at the test website.Getting Help in the time of the Exam: Know what you have the right to do to acquire aid as soon as an problem arises.


Contact us if you cannot find an answer in the ACRP Certification Handbook (Section: Taking the Exam).

For even more Test Center FAQs, view Prometric’s Test Regulations.

Steps to Prepare for the Exam

The finest preparation for ACRP Certification exams is understanding the understanding needs of your role and also their application to clinical research study.

ACRP recommends that you initially understand also the scope of the exam content by carefully reviewing its Detailed Content Outline and coming to be acquainted via the recommendations (ICH Guidelines and also Declaration of Helsinki).

No two candidates concerned the exam via the same knowledge base. Because experience and educational backgrounds are unique, these distinctions must be taken into consideration as soon as determining a examine approach. Begin to prepare making use of the complying with steps:

Step 1: Assess your own experienced experience. Read carefully through the Detailed Content Outline description for the exam you wish to take. Each exam (ACRP-CP, CRC, CRA, PI, ACRP-PM, and ACRP-MDP) has a various DCO. Compare the in-depth description of expertise and also work, plus the propercent of questions, to your own experienced endure. Rate your family member ability level and also suffer on a scale of 0–5 (0 = no experience) as an indicator of exactly how all set you are for each area and also where to invest even more of your research focus in preparing for the exam.

While you personally may have restricted experience via certain task functions because of your task description via your employer, success on the exam calls for you to show competency in all areas of the exam.

Tip 2: Start early and also arrangement ahead. Don’t wait to get your Eligibility Notice. You have to finish and submit your in-depth application at least 3 (3) weeks before the exam. Don’t leave this till the last minute! Focus some learning time on reading in eextremely content category, yet spend additional time reading in those categories wright here your experience is restricted. Match your examine initiatives in relation to the moment you have available and the particular research demands you have established for yourself. Eexceptionally exam candiday will certainly answer the very same variety of concerns in eexceptionally category.

Step 3: Schedule your study time. If you decide to erected a examine team, you should hold weekly meetings that will certainly take around two hrs on one day/evening every week. Schedule functional blocks of time into your personal schedule. The vital is not to memorize what you read, yet to understand ideas behind ICH/GCP and best methods in each knowledge category location to supplement your experience. Be sure you understand also just how your SOPs differ in relation to ICH/GCP.

Step 4: Organize your examine notes. It may aid you to organize your research notes, posts, summaries, and so on in a binder utilizing either the five (5) exam categories, or your own index. Let your experience overview you in the content areas you are most comfortable with and focus even more time in your weaker locations or on those locations via which you are least acquainted. Create flashcards to use as examine aids.

Tip 5: Choose the approaches that are appropriate for your study setup. Choose a mentor or colleague who has even more experience in the areas in which you are less acquainted and ask him/her to testimonial ideas through you. As you perform your everyday responsibilities, think about the underlying principles that lead you to take a details course of action. This will certainly help you affix ICH/GCP to your daily work-related.

Tip 6: Stick to your examine group’s plan. Pick a constant night and show up on time. Each of you has the same goal, and also everyone has somepoint to offer. Sharing analysis and exaltering notes is an excellent means to lighten the pack. Study teams foster friendships and provide an inspiration to continue to be focused on your cumulative goal. Complete; don’t compete.

Tip 7: Don’t panic. Follow the wonderful pre-exam advice that ACRP offers, and also pertained to the exam well-rested and also prepared.

Study Tips

In enhancement to reviewing the ICH Guidelines, one method to testimonial is to pick messages and also training products you provided when initially taking on the duty of a CRA, CRC or PI. You can pick a publication that you may already have on your bookshelf, or one that you can borrow from a colleague. You must pick publications or publications that cover topics uncovered on the Detailed Content Rundown, the ICH Guidelines, or the tenets of GCP, but do not focus on specific (i.e., FDA) regulations.

If you have actually time, take a workshop or attend a conference session on topics in which you need to end up being even more acquainted. Any skilled development courses that cover clinical study topics will certainly include to your knowledge base and also therefore will assist you prepare for the exam.

NOTE: ACRP does not sponsor or endorse any certain educational courses—also if the course is advertised as a “prep” or “review” course for the ACRP Certification Exams. Courses titled this means are at the discretion of the company providing the course. Those developing the course have not had actually any type of inside information about the exam. The same indevelopment that is contained in this Handbook to aid you prepare is publicly obtainable to those producing educational content. Participation in these courses may assist you learn or evaluation topics spanned on the exam, but you should not intend them to directly cover exam content.

Test Taking Strategies

Most adults haven’t taken a standardized exam newly. It have the right to be advantageous to be reminded of some vital techniques for exactly how to approach a multiple-choice exam:

Read the entire question prior to you look at the possible answers.Come up via the correct answer in your head before looking at the feasible answers; this method, the choices offered on the test won’t distract you from concentrating on the question.Read all the choices before selecting your answer so that you select the best one.Eliminate answers you know are not correct.There is no guessing penalty, so it’s always finest to take an educated guess and choose a response if you are unspecific of the answer.Don’t save on altering your answer; normally your initially alternative is the appropriate one, unmuch less you misreview the question.Go with the exam and also answer the concerns you recognize initially. Mark the others for review and also then go earlier to those you skipped over. This will ensure that you don’t shed time by focusing on one question you aren’t certain about.

Optional Exam Prep Resources

ACRP uses a variety of sources to assist you research and also prepare for your ACRP Certification exam, consisting of practice exercises, eLearning programs, apps, and also even more.