CLINICAL CHEMISTRY ONLINE COURSE Format: Hybrid Length: 16 weeks Textbook: Sunheimer, R, and Graves, L, Clinical Laboratory Chemistry (second ed), 2017


Welcome to the MLT Program at College of the! My name is Dr.

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Hency Chu and I am the MLT Program Director/ Dept Chair. I teach a number of classes at COC, consisting of the first year lecture courses such as Clinical Hematology and Clinical Chemistry I. As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS), I’ve been employed in various clinical laboratory settings, such as hospital, physicians’ office, research study, and veterinary labs. I have a PhD in Microbiology and also was a postdoctoral study associate in the Dept of Pathology and also Laboratory Medicine at the University of California, Irvine. I am looking forward to a productive semester as we development through the MLT program core courses

Course Description

The MLT 120 Clinical Chemisattempt I Lecture presents the theoretical and also handy concepts associated via experimentation actions used in the clinical chemistry laboratory, including the fundamentals of basic laboratory values and particular basic instrumentation and methodologies. We will additionally correlate Clinical Chemistry lab outcomes via various pathologies or disorders. It is a necessity that you take this course through the MLT 120L Clinical Chemisattempt I Laboratory as a co-requiwebsite course.

Course Information

We will certainly use Canvas, the learning administration mechanism at COC, to accessibility course materials, online quizzes, and also various other assigned homework-related. You will certainly have the ability to access your grades using Canvregarding monitor your performance in the class in the time of the semester. It will be to your advantage to familiarize yourself with Canvas prior to the semester begins (web links for Canvas are included on page 2 of this letter). Exams will be tackled campus, room Towsley 102, on the days that we are schedubrought about satisfy on campus. A more detailed schedule will certainly be posted on Canvas as soon as the semester starts.

Textbook information

Tbelow is a required textbook for this course: Sunheimer, R, and Graves, L, Clinical Laboratory Chemisattempt (2nd ed), 2017.

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ISBN-13: 978-0134413327


Other appropriate course information

It is incredibly vital that you familiarize yourself through just how to use Canvas before the semester starts.

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The course can be accessed by means of Canvas atcv.fairtradeexpo.orgon the first day of the course. Follow the login instructions at the bottom of the screen to log in. Here, you deserve to also accessibility Canvas user guides via helpful tips for navigating and utilizing Canvas. For any type of Canvas connected problems please contact the Canvas Student Support line at (661) 362-3344 in the time of college company hrs, or (877) 889-9052 for 24/7 support.

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