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Protecting the youngsters in our treatment is our the majority of vital job; finding out itself relies on a boy feeling safe. Child Protection Certificates collection the benchnote for top quality training for global institutions. Our certificates are designed for three unique audiences, permitting your school to satisfy compliance criteria for accreditation or inspections.

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The certificates each retail at £40, or licences are complimentary as part of our membership packperiods.



English | Arabic | Spanish

Teaching Staff | Support Staff | Governors & Owners



Mandarin | English

Teaching Staff | Support Staff | Governors & Owners


“The training was incredibly positive, and our teachers, leaders, and also coordinators found it to be incredibly systematic. Thank you to for your assistance throughout the whole process.”

Suzana Fernandes, Georgia School, Ningbo, China are proud to be a core member of the International Task Force, through the Internationwide Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) concentrating on this crucial topic. Explore exactly how ICMEC and also the International Task Force on Child Protection are working to administer crucial college resources through their education portal. Child Protection Certificates are aligned to the enhanced Child Protection Standards. To recognize which accreditation and also inspection agencies have actually adopted the enhanced Child Protection Standards you deserve to visit the ICMEC report here. The content and legislation highlights have actually been developed by Farrer and also Co, an independent law firm, and their Safeguarding Unit.

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At, we think that developing a successful “safeguarding culture” in a school outcomes from experienced discovering that has everyone that functions in or for a college — from teaching staff through school management and also governing stakeholders. Understanding and applying the ideal safeguarding methods and behaviours is not for teachers alone; nor is it for school leaders alone, nor for trustees or governors alone. A colorful and efficient kid safeguarding society is a neighborhood duty. Each team of stakeholders need to feel confident that all adults in the system are playing a critical duty in ensuring a safeguarding culture.

Our certificate programme in boy safeguarding is designed, therefore, about this principle of neighborhood responsibility. As a participant in our programme, you will learn just how the recruitment and also on-boarding of brand-new staff, the production and implementation of plans and steps, and the oversight of college leadership and also the linked governing body are interlinked and also mutually-reinforcing areas of structure a safeguarding culture.

We assess your understanding with instance studies throughout the module bereason we want to encertain that, no matter exactly how you recognize yourself as a stakeholder in your neighborhood, you understand also exactly how the pieces are connected, so that you may rest assured that your school is building the ideal boy safeguarding culture that it can.