Challenge the warrior dream

Grey Prince Zote deserve to be discovered in Bretta’s basement back at Dirtmouth as long as you’ve rescued both Bretta and Zote and also beat Zote in the Colosseum of Fools. He deserve to be fough as much as 10 times yet only gives 300 Essence the initially time you defeat him.

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Grey Prince Zote doesn’t seem to understand what he’s doing and is constantly falling over. He’s still difficult to defeat as each time he falls over he’ll develop a shockwave and he additionally likes to teleport about the arena before slamming into the ground.

Zote has actually 1200 health for the initially battle. You’ll must learn which moves develop shockwaves so you can time your jumps over them. You deserve to often get in a swipe or two after each shockwave. The Fast Slash and Fragile Strength charms work-related will for this fight. The Fragile cdamages won’t break if you lose a dream boss fight.

Failed Champion


The Failed Champion have the right to be discovered above the arena wright here you combated the False Knight. After jumping up break the wall to the ideal and also use the Dream Nail on the dead maggot. You can use the Dream Nail on the other Maggots to replenish your spirit before entering the fight.

The Failed Champion is a buffed version of the False Knight. Each of his assaults will certainly cause rocks to fall dvery own from the roof yet a lot of of his assaults are exceptionally equivalent. When he jumps towards you this offers you a chance to dash underneath. You’ll have the ability to gain in a few strikes prior to he transforms around.

Standing in among the corners might provide you a opportunity to heal, particularly if you have the Quick Focus charm equipped. The Failed Champion will certainly acquire knocked over a couple of times, providing you a possibility to heal or hit his head for even more heart. Eventually he’ll be beat and also go crashing through the floor. Once he’s beat you’ll receive 300 Essence.

Lost Kin


The Lost Kin have the right to be found in the very same area as the Broken Vessel in the Old Basin. He has actually 1200 health and slightly more tough attacks. Throughout the fight blobs of infection will certainly spawn and chase after you.

The strategy for beating the Lost Kin is basically the very same as the Broken Vessel. stay on the ground bereason the Lost Kin likes to jump. Use Fast Slash to obtain in many type of hits at a time and also Desolate Dive to really execute some damage conveniently. Killing the blobs that generate provide you soul so you should have no trouble making use of spells in the time of this fight.

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A few times throughout the fight the Lost Kin will obtain knocked over for a brief while, giving you a opportunity to heal, yet you’ll still have to keep an eye on any type of infected blobs heading your method. Once the Lost Kin has been beat you’ll be rewarded with 400 Essence.

White Defender


The White Defender has actually the majority of wellness, 1600 HP to be exact. He can be discovered by using the Desolate Dive just under the room to the right of the Dung Defender, wbelow the lever before is situated.

The White Defender has many of the exact same strikes as the Dung Defender but he’s fairly simple to predict and many of the assaults deserve to be avoided. Use Rapid Slash to hit him consistently while he tosses the dung. Follow him approximately and obtain in swipes as he perdevelops the dung eruption. If you’re close to him the dung won’t hit you.

Once the White Defender has actually been beat you’ll be rewarded through 300 Essence.

Soul Tyrant


The Soul Tyrant have the right to be found in the exact same location as the Soul Master. Use the Dream Nail on the corpse to initiate the fight. The Soul Tyrant has 900 wellness in the first phase and also 350 wellness in the second.

The Soul Tyrant’s strikes are the exact same as the Soul Master except he’s a little little bit much faster and has actually more fireballs in the time of his spinning firesphere attack. Having the Monarch Wings will make it simpler to protect against the shockwave from the ground pound attack.

The Soul Tyrant will certainly teleport roughly the arena making him tough to capture approximately. You may only acquire in one or two assaults at a time so the Quicky Slash charm is not extremely effective for this battle.

During phase 2 the Soul Tyrant will smash with the floor and land in the arena listed below. He perdevelops teleporting slams repeatedly till he inevitably floats stationary on one side of the room. This is your possibility to kill him. Avoid the fireballs and hit him with the Abyss Shriek or the Nail. Once he’s defeated you’ll be rewarded through 300 Essence.