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How does teenage pregnancy impact girls?

Adolescent pregnancy continues to be a significant contributor to maternal and also son mortality. Complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth are the leading reason of fatality for girls aged 15-19 internationally. Pregnant girls and teens also confront various other wellness threats and complications as a result of their immature bodies. Babies born to younger mothers are also at better danger.

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For many type of teens, pregnancy and childbirth are neither planned, nor wanted. In nations where abortion is prohibited or very limited, teens typically resort to unsafe abortion, placing their health and wellness and stays at danger. Some 3.9 million unsafe abortions happen every year to girls aged 15-19 in emerging regions.

Adolescent pregnancy deserve to additionally have negative social and also financial impacts on girls, their family members and also areas. Unmarried pregnant teenagers might confront stigma or rejection by parents and also peers and hazards of violence. Girls that become pregnant prior to age 18 are also more most likely to suffer violence within a marital relationship or partnership.

Tackling teenager pregnancy in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has the greatest price of teenage pregnancy in Latin America. With the assistance of our Girl Power Project, young human being are currently educating their peers on the risks of coming to be teen parents.

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How does Plan Internationwide supportgirls

We are committed to tackling adolescent pregnancy, particularly among younger adolescents (aged 10-14) who are a lot of at risk and yet often overlooked. We likewise support girls who have actually already end up being mothers.

By elevating girls’ awareness of their sexual and refertile health and wellness and also rights, protecting them from abuse and also connecting them through education and also wellness services, we support the crucial decisions they make about their futures and also bodies.

We speak to on governments to strengthen nationwide wellness systems, implement detailed education and learning on sexuality and also relationships in and out of schools, and also carry out affordable, safe contraception to tackle the root causes of adolescent pregnancy. We also demand also federal governments execute even more to assistance pregnant girls and young mothers to proceed and finish their education.

Family planning is a humale right

We wantall girls and also woguys to make their own sex-related and also reabundant wellness options. Not least bereason it’s a human ideal.