Carrie underwood just a dream lyrics

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AnonymousIt is so sad yet I love it some times I think that might happen to my dad because he is in the UNITED STATE Air Force ....Hanna from KansasI love this song!Star from, GaHow aweful! I love it Carrie, well done. So moving! Now one of my favorites.Michaela from Cresco, IaI am in love through this song my best friend"s dad is in the army and I have the right to tell she is always sad because she hasnt viewed her dad in favor a year !!Crystal from Lodi, CaThis song is my truth. it was 2 days before our wedding and also currently he is gone forever before and also all i have left is a flag and a grave to visit and also watch..Jennifer from Ft Lauderdale, FlWell my fiancee and also quickly to be husband also in December is a soldier and I simply wish I might understand her motive on this song. I love her but this is difficult to listen to once he will be going to AfghanistanMallory from Vineland also, NjI can not even listen to this song anymore. I have only heard it when and I cried so a lot that I acquired sick, yet it is an remarkable song.Jessie from Dallas, TxGod bless America and also everyone overseas and also all their loved ones back home <=Victoria from Toronto, Onthis song is amazingBeth from Evansville, InI love this song...I don"t recognize anyone overseas yet my heart goes out to human being that execute.Kaitlyn from Grovedale, AbI think this song is about a girl that gets married to this remarkable man that then goes off to battle and is shot. She was planning on forever before yet it never before happened. She believed gaining married to him was a dream and she assumed that him dying was a dream too.Kate from Oneonta, NyOMG. so this song came out when my boyfriend was in Iraq. Hes a marine. I cant also define exactly how I felt once I heard this song, yet I"ll say I couldnt make it 2 chords into the song prior to I began crying. He made it earlier, and I deserve to hear this song, yet it renders me feel sad for the remainder of the civilization who still have actually loved ones over tbelow. Bmuch less our troops and also hope to lug everyone home safe genuine soon!Elody from Yakitomi, Japanthe video for this is so sad see she is at the begining she is im obtaining married this hregarding be simply a dream cause it"s to excellent to be true then the guy dies in war and she like this cant be happening and also she is telling herself that this is just a dreamLauren from Ft. Rucker, AlThe method I see the song is she is engaged to a soldier and he is deployed, and she is asleep dreaming about her wedding and also yet then the assumed her fiance being eliminated runs via her mind and also currently shes dreaming about that. I don"t understand. Or maybe they have a wedding day collection and she is dreaming about that however then wakes up and also realizes that he"s dead and also is going to his funeral instead of her wedding. I understand this is a really sad song, trust me I"ve knowledgeable the assumed and also issue of somepoint happening to my fiance once he was deployed. Not a fun point. God bless all the troops and household members.Dustin from New Lexington, OhThis is going to be Carrie"s peak single YET! This song is remarkable, its soooo sad yet virtually all American"s can relate to this song currently that we are in battle and also almost everyone has a "loved one" over seas fighting for our freedom. I can not wait to check out this music video. Carrie really is impressive.Alia from Foster City, Cajust as a clarification around the plot of the song, the girl chose to wear her wedding dress TO the funeral, right?Destiny from Pittsburgh, Paomg this song is so pretty... i love it... it"s one of my favorite Carrie Underlumber songs! I do not really recognize anyone in the army who is currently in Iraq, yet i PROUDLY support our troops and also hope this war ends soon and also additionally hope everyone comes house safe from overseas!!!!!!!!!Alia from Foster City, CaOMG! this is one of my favorite Carrie songs!K from Brooklyn, Nyomg, I cry eexceptionally time I hear this song. My boyfriend is leaving this summer for, basic training this summer, then he will certainly most likely go to Iraq. I can"t address him gettin shot!!Nikki from Webster, MaBawled my eyes out once I initially heard this song! My frifinish was deployed to Iraq a few months earlier and also the first time I heard it was simply before he left :-(view even more comments

Shaggy created his swaggering hit "Boombastic" after finding out what "shag" indicates in the UK.

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