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No matter the hat you wear, I’ll teach you basic interventions to develop the ability sets for life.

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Kids have changed! It seems prefer they’re wired in different ways. Text-soptimal. Minute attention spans. Lack of body awareness. Labels, labels, and more labels.

Discover brand-new strategies to support teaching and also parenting. Get motivated to look at finding out with a various lens.

Be affirmed and validated for your experiences in education while learning various methods to deal with challenges. Public and also Private School Teachers, Occupational and also Physical Therapists, Homecollege Paleas, Childcare Professionals, and also Others have actually learned devices to evaluate and assistance the physical abilities of learning.

We cannot save on doing the exact same ole point and also mean the same ole results.


Cindy’s teaching is dynamic and engaging! She weaves the powerful partnership in between moving and finding out via storytelling and also handy tips. Her interactive workshops and also courses are filled via tactics to automatically incorporate right into existing leskid plans and activities.

2020 has actually taken her teaching fully online. Participants have actually attended from over 25 countries!


This 24 hour course offers you a complete overwatch of “The 26” Brain Gym movements and exercise with ten different Five Step Learning Processes, including Dennikid Laterality Repatterning. Incorporated within the course is concept of brain advance and also case study examples. 

This course can be taught independently and/or as a 2 credit graduate course, with Hamline College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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This course is also welcomed for graduate crmodify at Hamline College.

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This course fulfills 24 hrs in the direction of the 200 level electives. Learn 34 extra activities and also eight brand-new balances in this dynamic course. Cindy has personally “seen” such exceptional changes and is so excited to share through you.
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Professional Development

Workshops if you are looking for a tailored training around activity, sensory systems, literacy, art/music, Montessori and/or different methods of education. 

Contact me to tailor a training for you!

I am willing to pertained to you in perchild or teach online. The possibilities are endless!

Where have actually I spoken?

Before COVID, I traveled approximately the human being to facilitate courses and workshops on motion based finding out. 2020 has actually me completely online and also reaching even more human being from more countries!

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Explore different at an early stage childhood education methodologies that have stood the test of time and also proceed to be sustained by present research. Find Out strategies that can be easily and cost-efficiently imposed into your existing regime arrangement. The course focuses on Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilio methodologies. This is an experiential course. (12 hours online or 6 hrs face-to-face)

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Use the whole body for finding out. Connect international humale movement fads (e.g. reflexes) and also intentional physical tasks to rise focus, improve imagination, allow children to come to be grounded and centered and also enhance sensorial skills such as listening, vision, interaction, and eye-hand coordicountry. This workshop is based upon the Brain Gym theory; it is accessible online or in perboy. (2 hours)

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Find Out and honor how one’s brain and body are wired for discovering and living. Each person’s unique profile has actually a large influence on her strategy to new instances and her reactivity to anxiety. This is son development and personal development; approaches learned in this class can be transferred to youngsters and also others. (2 hours)

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Nerve netfunctions are formed with motion and touch. Reading a book requires subtle eye muscle movement simply favor kicking a sphere needs huge motor motions. Explore the physical skills of discovering by enduring Brain Gym procedures and exercises. Be amazed at the difference intentional movement provides in one’s capability to focus, remajor centered and think rationally. (2 hours)
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KEYS TO LITERACYParticipants will certainly discover reliable suggests to unlocking the proficiency code, by occurring auditory and also visual attention, building vocabulary and inviting motion. Using developmentally appropriate techniques, the feature and mechanics of writing will certainly be addressed. Learning to compose and check out is not associated through finding out to sit!
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Contact me to watch if we’d be a good fit!


Benefits include:

attitude boostintensified emphasis and attentionenhanced academicsbetter company abilitiesraised social skillsemotional link to learningmuch better coordination and also physical awarenesstrauma releaseand more!

Our daughter was diagnosed with sensory integration dysfeature soon after her adoption from Russia. We sought help for her through work therapy, diet modification and a chiropractor. Although we saw some growth, we did not see a big difference in her emphasis and also task level till we began consulting through Cindy. Understanding what will help our daughter, while watching her play, is an remarkable capability of Cindy’s.

mom of Maria, age 5

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