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The State of Florida NO LONGER calls for individuals to be licensed in order to perform body wrapping services as of July 1, 2020. We only worry the Body Wrapping Certificate of Completion to those who still want to take the course as some salons will certainly still want to check out that you passed the appropriate sanitation demands and for understanding purposes ONLY! You deserve to show your clients or potential salons your certificate of completion. You will not have the ability to register for a license in the State of Florida. 

A Florida body wrapper percreates body wrapping services. Body wrapping is a therapy program that offers presoaked organic wraps for the functions of cleansing and also beautifying the skin of the body. Tright here is No classroom training required. Complete this course on your phone, computer, or tablet. The Build Your Salon Clientele Marketing Course is likewise available to help advance your career. 

Q: What are The Subjects extended in the course:

3 Hrs HIV/AIDS & Other Communicable Diseases4 Hrs Sanitation & Sterilization4 Hrs Diseases & Disorders of the Scalpand also 1 Hrs Florida State legislations and rules.

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Q: Are there publications Included in this course?

A: No, This Is An Online Course Available for Download With Readable Content. No Textpublications Or Video Demos Are Included. 

Here are the 3 EASY procedures to completing the courses:

Tip 1. Acquisition the course(s):  Please allow 24-48 company hours to get a Registration Email with your course. 

Step 2. Resee the course(s) & take the 10 question quiz: Once you pass, let us know! We will email your certificate of completion within 5-7 service days. You have the right to test as many type of times as you have to, no extra fees will be charged if you fail. You have as much as 1 year to complete the course.

Tip 3.

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 Receive Certificate of Completion through email.




Give us a opportunity we stand also by our courses. **Test Guarantee**

When you authorize up for our Online Braiding and/or Wrapping Courses you are automatically backed by our organization guarantee. We guarantee our students will certainly pass the test within 1 year. If you perform not pass we will remoney your funds to you. We currently have 100% test rate as we are right here to administer you with the info you require and aid elevate your career.


 NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED under any type of circumstances

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