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This 103 building and construction blueprint analysis course covers a structure ability in construction. All construction specialists, regardmuch less of whether they are functioning in the area or in the office, should know how to check out blueprints. Blueprint reading is not terribly tough yet it does need exercise and some fundamental understanding of blueprints.

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This virtual blueprint reading course is designed to provide you through that structure expertise and enough practice at analysis blueprints to get you began. Mastery of blueprint reading will come with exercise and also with utilizing blueprints on the project on a consistent basis.

You have the right to hear an audio message from previous President Bob George (MP3, 1 min 48 sec, 1.9 MB) by clicking on the link.


Student Reviews

Learning objectives

By the finish of this 103 building and construction blueprint reading virtual class you should:

Have an elementary knowledge of blueprint analysis as it relates to structure building and construction projects.Understand also in basic terms the style process and also the duty of style experts.Be able to uncover trade information using blueprintsBe able to answer basic building and construction inquiries pertained to the layout and also installation of products at the jobsite.Be able to recognize elementary problems or brief comings of the blueprints you are making use of.

Class Organization and Grading

The adhering to table lists the learning modules, the maximum worth in points a student can receive within each module, and the moment in which the modules need to be finiburned.


 Point Value Week 250 
0. Student Orientation 1
1. The architecture procedure and also blueprints 251
2. Scales, Lines and Symbols 252
3. Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details 253
4. Civil Drawings 254
5. Foundations 255
6. The superstructure 256
7. Exterior clocertain and finishes 257
8. Interior finishes 258
9. Mechanical, Electrical and also Plumbing 259
10. The troubles through blueprints & Project 2510

It is important that the student save up through the class and not loss behind. Course modules will certainly be made easily accessible to students on Sunday of each week. Class occupational need to be completed by the adhering to Sunday. Students will not have the ability to job-related ahead of the course although reading assignments will be made obtainable in advance and also have the right to be found in the Critical Course Information under General Course Information.

Grading Policies

Graded assignments will certainly consist of one quiz for each module and participation in two class discussions. In each module, the quiz will count 10 points and course discussions will count 15 points. You deserve to take quizzes twice and usage the highest score completed as your final quiz grade.

Class discussions are an extremely essential component of this course. Students learn even more and also learn much better when they talk about the topic at hand also. For that factor, I think about the consistent weekly discussions to be also more essential than the weekly quizzes. Students need to administer at least 4 contributions to the class discussions each week to get the maximum points.

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Grades will certainly be posted on a weekly basis. You will certainly have full access to your grade sheet so you will certainly have the ability to store track of exactly how you are doing at all times.

Your overall grade in the course will certainly be established by the total number of points you have actually gathered on quizzes and also assignments. The grading range is as follows:

A 225-250 points

B 200 to 224 points

C 175 to 199 points

D 150 to 174 points

Anything less will be considered either failure or an unauthorized withdrawal from the course.

You will certainly be offered more indevelopment about the grading and other course matters in the Orientation Module.

103 Construction Blueprint Reading Textbook

Link to: Blueprint Reading for Construction, 7th Edition Goodheart Wilcox, by Wtransform Brown and also Daniel Dorfmuller. Be sure you are acquiring the correct edition of the book and, if you are buying a offered book, make sure that all of the illustrations are had.

Important Note!! Whoever you order the book from, be sure they encompass the blueprints via the textbook. The book comes with a collection of blueprints we will use in class but some students have actually reported the book being marketed at a discount without the blueprints.

Student Reviews

This course has actually been exceptionally useful in expertise how to review blueprints. Having the book blueprints to usage for the coursework-related assisted me exponentially, particularly considering tright here were numerous different plans to look at. The board discussions have actually likewise offered a lot of understanding on other’s real life experiences in the area.

I think the deadlines and expectations that were collection forth in the beginning of the class gave an excellent guideline to store me involved and also on time. I think it would be useful if that was arranged in such a means that it keeps that frustration at bay. Being forced to read various other students comments and respond additionally made me aware that I was not alone in my knowledge or absence tbelow of and made me even more comfortable in asking inquiries and also in the course all at once, (Winter 2020)This course was extremely indevelopmental. I uncovered the self-assessments to be a vast assist in making the leskid indevelopment applicable to actual blueprint reading, and also the discussion write-ups and also instance researches were likewise excellent spring boards right into applying this knowledge in a “real-life” setting. I took this class together with three various other courses, and have to say I enjoyed the occupational from this one more than the others. (Winter 2020)it offers me (new to blueprint reading) the structure expertise that is entirely practical and can be applied in the actual people. Though some parts were actually complicated and also compelled us all to dig in and look at actual blueprints, I believed that was necessary and it gave real-world exercise that we can usage later. (Winter 2020)I enjoyed this class fairly a little bit. This is my third course below following Intro to Estimating and also Construction Math and I delighted in this class more than the others. I like the adjust order exercises a lot, it really made you dig in deeper to the blueprints than you would have otherwise and that was incredibly valuable. I feel prefer tbelow were many kind of great examples supplied in the class and it was valuable to read my classmates responses to obtain their understanding right into the material and also their responses to my own short articles. (Winter 2020)I discovered the course to be useful and also appreciated all the 10 weeks modules. The reading modules were exact and also to the point. I preferred the blueprints that we stupassed away in the course. They were establishing a great instance. The textbook was indevelopmental, but fairly standard. All the discovering is through drilling down the blueprints. the textbook was even more of a synopsis. (Winter 2020)I learnt the many from the conversation. I chosen the conversation topics. The change orders were the best component of the discussions. Reading everyone’s posts was nice. My perspective on each module broadened after reading the posts in the discussions. They were rather a few posts and comments that readjusted my assumed process on problem resolving for that instance research. (Winter 2020)I learned the many on the self-tests, as those granted hands on suffer. While the quizzes did the same thing, the self-tests really made me dig deep right into the blueprints and come to be accustomed to in search of various hints that would certainly provide me the information that I needed. (Fall 2019)Overall an extremely excellent course that was basic to navigate. It was such an excellent starter course for me that I’ve been interested in taking more virtual courses.I appreciate tright here were no midterms/finals. You’re constantly using what you’ve learned each week, building upon your cumulative expertise, it proves that those things are just unvital and add unessential anxiety.We all work, have family members, resides, and so on. Being able to occupational on coursework-related everyday and finish quizzes was awesome. (Fall 2019)It obstacles us as students to figure points out first on our own, then usage each other to number a small bit more out, and also then at the end the teacher wrapping it up and making certain we were all on track. (Fall 2019)Fast grading and corrected misinformation on the conversation boards (Summer 2019)

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