Blue Alchemy Stories Of Indigo

BLUE ALCHEMY is a attribute length documentary that explores the background and reveals the beauty and prestige of indigo, weaving together stories around textiles and culture and interviews through artists, artisans, and also historians.

79 minutes. Released 2011

Produced & Directed by Mary Lance

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BLUE ALCHEMY is additionally about amazing world approximately the world who are utilizing indigo in jobs that are intfinished to boost life in their communities, maintain social integrity, and also lug beauty to the world. The processes of making indigo dye from plants and also of dyeing through indigo are described.


““We fell in love through the sensuous function doc around indigo, the time-honoured blue dye that connects people and societies throughout the world. This gorgeously shot doc draws you deep right into the outstanding background of indigo while reinforcing its undisputed symbolic and spiritual feature in virtually all of our stays, whether we realize it or not...”” — St. John"s Women"s Internationwide Film Festival

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“Blue Alchemy connects the history and production of indigo through the color’s social-spiritual implications, start through the awareness that we live on a blue earth.” — Santa Fe Reporter

“Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo, is exceptionally much worth watching, for anyone through an interemainder in documentaries, history, textiles, crafts, chemisattempt, heritages.” — Liz Fergukid for the Montactual Gazette

Film Festivals

Internationwide Festival of Films on Art, Montreal 2012

Virginia Film Festival, 2012

St. John"s International Women"s Film Festival, 2012

Environpsychological Film Festival in the Nation"s Capital, 2013

selected Screenings

International Symposium on organic Dyes, 2011

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, Lensic Theatre, 2011

London College of Fashion, 2012

Textile Society of America, 2012

Maiwa Textile Symposium, 2012

Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013

Denver Art Museum, 2013

Seattle Art Museum, 2016

The Textile Museum, Washington, 2018

major Funding

Patricia McFate

Avenir Foundation

The Coby Foundation