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Hi all, I’m planning to take GRE in 3 months and I graduated nearly 10 years earlier so I also dont know where to start but which digital GRE prep course perform you recommend? I think I need a substantial prep for both sections. I checked Princeton review but I couldnt uncover many positive reviews about them. Any particular prep course or book you recommend? Thank you so much!


Any ETS material is impressive, I used manhatten 5lb book to brush up and practice on quant (dont use for verbal cuz its not the same), Khan academy if you forgot math conceps, and magoosh vocab application for vocab. I likewise subbed to gregmat+ for strats--he's a really really great teacher

This is the exact same comment I've posted previously on someone else's short article. They were also simply founding their prep.

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First, take a diagnostic test to watch wbelow you stand through no prep to see what you must focus on. Don't usage one of the PowerPrep tests (the ETS ones) because those will certainly be useful resources in the future. It really relies on the regime that you're using to which will certainly recognize what type of scores you should be aiming for.

There are a ton of resources out there, some are great, and some are not so excellent. I would recommfinish spending some money, yet you don't should break the bank to perform well. Somepoint handy (and worth the money) I would recommend is the Official Guide from the devices of the GRE. It goes over all elements of the test pretty in depth and offers math review and practice tests. ETS additionally has a package that comes via the Official Guide, a Verbal practice book and also a Quant exercise book. All 3 are amazing sources.

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What has actually assisted me the a lot of is finding a examine arrangement. This will certainly offer your prep some structure rather of simply jumping anywhere the location. Depending on exactly how a lot time you need to research, tbelow are different ones out tright here (watch below).

As others have recommfinished, I strongly recommfinish GregMat. I had actually started watching some of his youtube videos after I joined this He currently has actually a website also. You deserve to become a member for $5 a month. This includes his youtube videos in a more structured method, yet he also has actually live classes wright here he discusses tactics and also walks via old tests. I've began the one month examine setup on tbelow (which is 4-6 hrs a day) but if you don't have that a lot time every day, you deserve to break it dvery own into less per day. He has sassist he's going to be making a 3 month and also 6 month as well later. To stick to the research plan, you would certainly require the main overview I discussed above as well as the GRE massive book (which you deserve to discover a free PDF downpack online). If you're not sure around ending up being a member, check out some of his youtube vids to acquire a better idea of just how he teaches. And if you decide versus subscribing, the youtube vids are still an remarkable resource!

Some may recommend Magoosh, but I've viewed combined reviews as it is even more money and also some of the info isn't the greatest. You can go via this sub to check out exactly how others feel about Magoosh lol. They have some free resources that don't call for a subscription. Their vocab flashcards are cost-free and also have actually helped me quite a bit, yet this really relies on exactly how you study and retain information. They also have research plans of different lengths depending on exactly how much time you have actually before you create the test and also what you want to focus on. They have actually 3 and also 6 month plans that emphasis on math or verbal, as well as a bunch that are for whatever. Somepoint to store in mind with their research plans, is that some of the content is only accessible with a subscription (mostly the videos with strategies). I would certainly certainly still examine it out as the research plans can be useful also without the subscription stuff.

Sorry for the lengthy comment yet I hope this helps!! I'm 2 months into studying and this has actually been the ideal for me so far.