Taylor Strecker, the hold of SiriusXM’s “Wake Up With Taylor,” doesn’t commonly mince words. In reality, it’s kind of her task to be bold, brash, and just a bit of an over-sharer.

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But when she unexpectedly dropped in love with herfinest friend—a woman that, incidentally, is called Taylor—complying with her divorce from her husband also of nearly five years, she uncovered herself unexpectedly tongue-tied.

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“I think my audience could tell that I wasn"t sharing my life via them for a while, which is what I"m intended to do, and also they were absolutely salty over that,” Strecker “But I have always determined asright, my entirety life. I"ve never before been attracted to girls, duration. End of story.”

Except it’s simply the start of the story—one that made Strecker question every little thing she assumed she kbrand-new around herself, and inevitably led her to incredibly publiclycome outaround hernew relationshipon the air in what she states was “the absolute scariest moment” of her life.

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It Wasn"t Love at First SightThe two woguys first met 2 years back as soon as Taylor Donohue was working as a videographer for a mutual friend. “I remember reasoning, ‘Ugh, she"s 6 feet tall and blond and beautiful, so clearly thinks she’s hot shit and also all the guys here are going tokissher ass all day.’" claims Stecker. "So I was super annoyed, which is ridiculous and embarrassing, but it"s the fact. And then when I uncovered out her name is likewise Taylor, I felt also more annoyed.”


But, Strecker states, she was also searching for a new videographer to assist out withher blog. “As I was watching her shoot, I was like, ‘Shit, she’s actually really good,’” she claims, laughing. “Once we began working together, we actually clicked ideal amethod as friends, and also started spending a lot of time together.”

"When I discovered out her name is likewise Taylor, I felt even more annoyed."

Strecker was still married to her ex-husband at that time, and also she states that for a while she had no concept that Donohue was a lesbian—till she tried to set her up with a man and things gained a small awkward.“I felt favor an asshole.” Strecker claims.

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“I remember telling her it"s so crazy that we live in a society wbelow I can satisfy all the new friends I want and also never before have to determine mysexuality, but you need to have that conversation via literally eextremely new perkid who enters your life if you don’t want them to make the wrong presumptions,” Strecker claims. “What a obligation that is.”

Becoming More Than FriendsAt that time, Strecker states her marriage was “a year right into being completely crumbling.” They"d tried couples treatment, and also were good at placing on a happy front when they were via other human being, yet were “hanging on by a threview.” By February, the pair had actually separated and begundivorceproceedings. Strecker started remaining with Donohue and also her sister, crashing on their couch routinely.

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“They were really favor my family members throughout thedivorce,” she says. “They became the people I invested the most time via. They kept me sane. They helped me uncover my brand-new apartment and fill out all the paperwork-related. We really came to be ideal friends.”

The two woguys started hitting the town together; Strecker flirted through men while Donohue focused on women. “But then one night that spring, while we were out at a bar we constantly visited, this girl came over and kissed her while I was sitting best next to her, and also I felt insanelyjealous," claims Strecker. "I’d checked out her kiss various other girls before, so I was like, ‘What is going on? Why am I jealous? I simply choose her as a friend, so what"s my problem?’”

"This girl came over and also kissed her while I was sitting ideal alongside her, and also I felt insanely jealous."

“I didn"t say anything to anyone around it for a while bereason I was really freaked out by it,” Strecker states. “I assumed possibly I was just puzzled from the divorce, or probably I was justlonely. But I additionally felt choose maybe I simply wanted to experiment and be totally free, and I realized I did actually type of desire to kiss her. Just to view what that would feel choose. So I lastly worked up the courage to say somepoint to her.”

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Strecker confessed to Donohue that she could be arising a crush on her. But Donohue wasn’t having actually it.


“She said, ‘OK, host up, you’re directly, you were married to a male, you"re still in the middle of a divorce, and also I think you"re really perplexed best currently,’” Strecker states. Donohue likewise told her that although she’d always believed she was cute and that she was “obsessed via her” as a friend, she thought the two of them dating would certainly be extremely, extremely negative idea. Historically, she constantly shed interemainder in the women she dated quickly, and also she feared that pursuing anythingromanticwould certainly destroy their friendship.

“She basically told me to put the kibosh on my feelings for her,” Strecker says. “I feltrejected, but I was like, ‘She"s probably ideal. This is probably a damaging concept. Maybe I"m just crazy appropriate currently.’" But after that conversation, things started to change. "We’d be friends in the time of the day, but when we went out at night, we’d be super flirty with each other, and also then the next day we’d just pretend it never before occurred and also act favor just-best-friends aobtain. It was towing the line for certain.”

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Then, during a pilgrimage to Miami, everything readjusted. “We were just prefer, ‘f*ck it,’ and we kissed,” Strecker says. “There’s a joke that lesbians bring a U-haul to thesecond day. It was type of choose that for us. Once we’d kissed, we both kbrand-new it expected that we were going to execute this—we were going to attempt to have actually a actual partnership.”

Going PublicThough the pair relocated “extremely slowly” and kept things a secret at the beginning, Strecker claims she was extremely excited around the totality thing "It’s sort of crazy that I spent 32 years thinkingsexwas damaging,” she says. “When I finally had sex via Taylor it was prefer, "Oh, this is what everyone’s talking about!"” But Strecker states she additionally felt “really freaked out” by what this meant for her identification.


Plus, she wasn’t also allowed to publicly talk about her divorce until all the paperwork-related had been signed by judge, so the prospect of human being finding out that she remained in a brand-new relationship—through an additional woguy, no less—prior to she’d even revealed that she wassingle, was terrifying.

Once the divorce was finalized, Strecker says points came to be a lot more comfortable. They began informing friends around the relationship and also didn’t feel choose they had to hide. A year later on, as soon as Strecker felt she knew things were “really real” between her and Donohue, she lastly told her audience the truth—thoughshe still prefers not to usage labels for her sexuality.

“It took me a while, and also it was absolutely the scariest moment of my life, hands down” she states, “yet as soon as I lastly did it, it was such an significant relief to lastly say it.”

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For the many part, Strcker states she"s knowledgeable asignificant outputting of love. “With all of the claims passing anti-gay laws appropriate currently and theOrlanexecute shooting, it feels favor there"s this thriving culture of hatred and also non-acceptance towards LGBT civilization in this nation, which has actually been so upestablishing to view after we passed this expensive civil legal rights landnote by ultimately enabling gay marital relationship,” she says. “So to have so many kind of world respond positively to my story, also on such a tiny scale, has actually really assisted gain back my belief in people, and also helped me think that numerous human being actually are great and also don"t judge, and also really perform think that love is love.”

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