Studying for the ACT on your own can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never before taken a test prefer it before. Fortunately, there’s always the choice of enrolling in an ACT prep course.

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We go over the five ideal ACT prep courses and explain their best pros and also cons. Then, we offer you 4 tips for ensuring you obtain the a lot of out of the ACT prep course you decide to take.

Review: What Makes a Good ACT Course?

Before we introduce our choices for the 5 ideal ACT prep courses, let’s testimonial the fundamental attributes that characterize a good ACT course.

First, the ideal ACT classes will be little, ideally through 10 or fewer students in them. A smaller sized class dimension means you’ll have actually even more opportunities to ask concerns and also gain some individual, one-on-one assistance from your teacher. A little ACT prep course likewise enables the teacher to better tailor the curriculum to their students so they deserve to work on enhancing their best weaknesses.

Speaking of teachers, a great ACT prep class will be led by an expert teacher who gained a super-high ACT score. For example, all of our ACT classes at are taught only by those that earned a 9ninth percentile score on the ACT.

Next off, your ACT class have to offer out high-high quality homejob-related assignments and/or extra prep materials that you can use in between sessions. This means you’ll be able to keep on practicing and honing what you’ve learned in the class.

Lastly, the best ACT prep classes will offer guaranteed score results, interpretation that you have to be able to hit a particular score threshold or raise your score by a details variety of points. When an ACT course assures that students will perdevelop much better on the exam, it"s basically telling you that the course deserve to and also will work for a broad array of students and also learning layouts.

Guaranteed scores also emphadimension exactly how confident the class is in its teaching methods: if you don’t get the promised results, you’ll get all or a lot of of your money back.

To learn even more around what generally makes for a good ACT/SAT prep course, examine out our thorough guide.

The 5 Best ACT Prep Courses

You currently know the basic characteristics to be on the lookout for as soon as picking an ACT prep class. Here, we introduce to youour picks for the 5 finest ACT prep classes.

* Classes

Price: $895 ($498 for existing students)Format: Online

At, we market a highly efficient virtual ACT prep course that promises a 4-suggest or higher increase in your ACT score or your money ago.

Classes are conducted live in a virtual classroom that allows you to connect straight through your teacher and also classmates by means of audio and also video chat. This implies that you can raise your hand also, ask the teacher inquiries, and analyze concepts and also exercise difficulties utilizing an interactive whiteboard.

Our curriculum is composed of a 90-minute diagnostic test, a review of vital exam topics such as English grammar and algebra, and an analysis of necessary test-taking techniques. You’ll likewise take 2 practice tests throughout the regimen to gauge your progression."s ACT course lasts almost everywhere from two to five weeks, relying on the schedule you choose. You’ll additionally receive one-year access to our Complete Prep ACT routine to assist you continue studying for the exam on your own time using realistic, skilled prep products.

ProsClasses are capped at simply nine students, offering you plenty of chances to ask your teacher questions and obtain one-on-one guidance through your prep.All homejob-related is adaptive and tailored to students’ individual demands. Assignments can be accessed with our digital Complete Prep ACT regime, which you’ll have actually access to for one year after sign-up. You can examine at your very own pace, also.Students have the right to proceed their ACT prep by taking State-of-the-art Classes, which aid you push your score also higher.If you don’t rise your ACT score by 4+ points, you’ll obtain a complete refund for the class.

ConsOur ACT prep classes are just obtainable virtual, so if you"d quite take an in-perkid course, you could not be a vast fan of our regimen. That sassist, we’ve functioned diligently to make the class as organic as possible: through audio and video chat, you"ll have the ability to watch the teacher and also your classmates and also hold conversations through them—simply as you carry out in a genuine classroom.While you just gain nine total hours of actual classroom time, we provide you tons of high-top quality homework assignments and also accessibility to our online Complete Prep program. ACT classes are put up for efficiency: you’ll never waste any type of class time doing practice problems—this is all done in between sessions to offer students even more time to comment on answers and answer explacountries, review essential ideas, and ask inquiries.



The Princeton Review ACT Ultimate

Price: $749Format: Blfinished (in-perkid and online)

A popular and also popular test-prep company, The Princeton Review offers an range of top quality ACT prep materials and also classes, many notably its ACT Ultimate course. Students in this blended class obtain 18 hrs of live instruction (in-person and/or online) and boundless access to ACT Advantage LiveOnline classes.

This ACT program can range from 10 days to about 2 months relying on the schedule you pick and whether you decide to take in-person or online classes.

ProsBecause this ACT prep course offers both in-person and also virtual sessions, it’ll appeal to many kind of different forms of students and learning layouts.This prep class tailors homeoccupational assignments so students have the right to zero in on their weaknesses. Students additionally gain a customized examine setup to follow, comparable to what we market at Princeton Rewatch uses an tremendous breadth of online resources, from prep books to drills, on-demand also lessons, and also exercise concerns. In addition, you"ll obtain additional sources you have the right to use for SAT and PSAT prep.

ConsThere"s no minimum ACT score forced of teachers. As an outcome, you’re not guaranteed to have a teacher who"s a certified ACT expert. With Classes, all of our ACT teachers scored in the 9ninth percentile on the exam and completed extensive training.Some classes have even more than 20 students in them, making it hard to ask concerns and also obtain personalized, individual guidance from your teacher. Our ACT classes, on the various other hand also, are always capped at nine students, so you"ll never before have this difficulty.


Kaplan Live Online ACT Prep

Price: From $899 for Live Online, from $1,299 for Live Online PLUSFormat: Online

Kaarrangement, favor The Princeton Recheck out, is a popular leader in test prep, and also it has 2 good alternatives for ACT classes: Live Online ACT Prep and Live Online ACT Prep PLUS.

In both classes, you gain 18 hrs of core instruction and 14 hours of elective classes, which are available through the ACT Channel. The major curriculum contains 2 full-length ACT practice tests (one diagnostic), a substantial evaluation of every test section and the significant principles, and a cshed look at key techniques for test day.

The size of these courses have the right to differ significantly, from 10 days to eight weeks.

ProsKaplan promises you’ll obtain a greater ACT score or your money ago. While this promise is solid, it"s not nearly as superior as our 4-point guarantee at

ConsClasses deserve to have actually as many kind of as 50 students in them, making it pretty challenging to gain one-on-one assistance from the teacher."s ACT prep classes are always little so you deserve to ask as many questions as you have to and also communicate straight with your teacher and peers.The curriculum isn’t tailored to students, meaning you will not acquire the possibility to talk about or analyze the exam methods or content locations you particularly are struggling with. By comparison, our ACT classes at are tailored to address students" individual weaknesses.

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Kaplan doesn’t market in-perkid ACT classes (as it does via the SAT), so if you would certainly choose a more traditional classroom establishing, you can not prefer the way this program is set up.


Prep Expert 6-Week Flagship ACT Prep Course

Price: $899Format: Online

Prep Expert isn’t too well-known as Kaplan or The Princeton Review, however it’s obtained a great online six-week ACT prep class to consist of for what it lacks in branding.

Students in this course take 2 three-hour classes a week for a full of 36 live classroom hours. They’re additionally forced to take a full-length ACT exercise test once a week.

ProsAll Prep Expert teachers scored in the 9nine percentile on the test, so you can be sure you"ll have actually an experienced instructor who knows the ACT inside and also out.You’re guaranteed to raise your ACT score by 4+ points or you’ll gain a full refund for the course. This is the very same score guarantee we have at course asindicators students continuous homejob-related and also ACT exercise tests to encertain they are practicing what they’ve learned and are getting provided to the content and also framework of the test. Unprefer what we perform at, however, these assignments aren"t specifically tailored to students" strengths and weaknesses (more on this below).

ConsThe course syllabus isn’t tailored to students" individual needs—everyone is sindicate going over the exact same topics at the exact same pace, and also there"s bit, if any type of, time to zero in on your own weaknesses.Tright here aren’t many kind of extra resources students have the right to use in their prep. You acquire a ton of classroom time, but with less prep to perform on your own besides some homeoccupational and also exercise tests, you won’t get the opportunity to really crack down on your weak spots. With"s ACT course, we offer one-year accessibility to our Complete Prep ACT regime, which gives you with a vast array of practice questions, tests, and also test-taking tips.Some classes have actually more than 40 students in them, which can make it tough to interact via your teacher and also classmates, ask questions, and also gain the individual guidance you require.


PowerScore Live Online ACT Prep Courses

Price: $495 for Live Online, $350 for Live Online AcceleratedFormat: Online

PowerScore uses two solid alternatives for live, online ACT prep classes: the Live Online ACT Course and also the Live Online Accelerated ACT Course.

The standard Live Online course consists of 24 hrs of instruction (as eight three-hour lessons) and also a curriculum that takes an in-depth method to each area of the ACT. Students also gain regular homejob-related assignments. The routine lasts three and a half weeks, via twice-a-week classes.

On the other hand, the Live Online Accelerated course is much shorter—simply eight days—and also is composed of 12 hrs of virtual instruction. This course follows a condensed version of the curriculum over.

Both classes administer you through a mix of ACT books and also online course products, which are easily accessible with the PowerScore ACT Online Student Center.

ProsThese prep classes are some of the cheapest ACT courses you deserve to discover, costing $350 for the Accelerated course and also $495 for the constant one. If you have a tight budgain, PowerScore is a decent option to consider. Just remember that cheaper doesn"t constantly mean better!All teachers scored in at least the 9fifth percentile on the ACT and also are trained broadly before they"re enabled to teach virtual classes. While these are pretty good requirements, we at are even stricter: all of our teachers scored in the 9nine percentile.You deserve to accessibility archived recorded sessions of previous classes you"ve taken, which is a handy feature for those who"d like to go ago and listen to exactly how the teacher defined some certain test concept or exercise problem.PowerScore assures that students will certainly enhance their ACT scores by 3 or 4 points (3 for the Accelerated course) or you gain to retake the course for totally free. With, though, you gain a complete refund—you don"t should take our class aget if it"s not for you!

ConsClasses and also homejob-related aren’t customized based on students’ requirements, so you won’t obtain to focus on what you should examine the a lot of. However before, you have the right to sort of tailor your ACT prep by utilizing the digital sources (such as flashcards and exercise questions) you gain with the course. By comparikid,"s ACT class syllabus is totally tailored to its students.You do not obtain any kind of face-to-face, direct interactivity with the teacher. Classes use chat box interaction, which can make it hard to ask inquiries and make deeper relationships via your teacher and also classmates."s ACT classes usage audio and video chat so you can watch the whole class and participate by elevating your hand and also speaking openly.Class schedule options are somewhat limited compared via what’s readily available by various other test-prep companies.

How to Make the Most of Your ACT Prep Class: 4 Tips

So you’ve picked an ACT prep class to enroll in. Great! But prior to you begin, think deeply around the complying with tips, which will certainly encertain that you gain the many out of your ACT course.

#1: Stay Focsupplied and Committed

One key aspect that will certainly recognize whether your ACT course is worth its price is exactly how committed you are to the course and also to doing well on the exam.

As you know, ACT prep classes can cost a decent amount of money, so even if you’re not that right into the specific class you’ve preferred, you should still try to make an initiative to attfinish all sessions and keep up through any kind of homework assignments and also practice tests offered to you.

If, for some reason, the schedule you initially made a decision doesn’t occupational for you anymore, then try to acquire in contact with the test-prep company that runs your course and also watch whether you have the right to switch to a different schedule that functions better for you.


#2: Don’t Be Afrhelp to Ask Questions

ACT classes are supposed to teach you what you have to know to ace the exam, so if you’re struggling to understand a details idea, strategy, or answer explacountry, perform not hesitate to ask your teacher. That’s what they’re tright here for after all!

Try not to feel embarrassed whenever you ask for clarification on something—also if you think the answer can be reasonably straightforward. It’s not prefer the ACT is the easiest test in the civilization, and also your teacher knows this."s ACT classes collection aside time for students to ask the teacher inquiries around the test.

Just remember that eventually you’re not alone if you’re struggling with any part of your ACT prep, no issue exactly how little or significant it could be. Take advantage of the fact that you have actually an skilled who is particularly expected to support and also help you.

#3: Use Those Extra (Online) Resources

The ideal ACT prep classes will sell you lots of added examine products, such as books, exercise inquiries, and video lessons, that you can use on your own time while not in course.

Most likely, unless these resources are being used for homework-related assignments, you won’t actually be required to accessibility them—but you must absolutely take benefit of whatever you obtain via your ACT prep course, specifically considering the truth that you’re really not paying for simply the classes but likewise the sources that come with them!

#4: Continue Practicing, Even After the Course

Even after the class finishes, store making time in your own schedule to prep for the ACT. It’s ideal to continue using any kind of research sources that came via your class, such as an digital prep routine or realistic practice questions.

For instance, via Classes, you obtain one-year accessibility to our Complete Prep ACT digital regimen, which you have the right to (and also should!) use lengthy after classes finish. Doing this ensures that you’ll remain sharp for test day and also will certainly be able to gain dvery own any concepts or strategies you might’ve still been struggling via at the finish of the course.

What’s Next?

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What"s a good budacquire to have for an ACT prep class? The fact is that it really relies on the goal score you have and as soon as you want to take the ACT. Our guide to budgeting for an ACT prep course goes over what you have to think about to find your ideal price point.

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